Monday, June 29, 2020

What's for supper?

We had burgers off the easy end to a tiring day.  And they were delicious.  I only wish I had had a tomato from the garden to eat with it.  I had a slice of one from the store on the burger, but that is not the same as big thick slices on the side.  If my tomatoes don't have some good tomatoes this year, I might cry.  Or at the least I will feel like crying.

It has been a tiring day.  If I told you all the details, you would not even finish reading this.  I have spent almost every spare moment on the phone.    It just seemed like I could not get anything done.  A dozen phone calls to take care of one thing.  Then, had to get on line to register Roger for something else.  This after a trip to Terre Haute for his allergy shot.  And it is back there tomorrow for the scan I did the pre-register for.

All of this is a result of Roger saying his ear hurt.  Remember he actually had an ear infection a few months ago.  I had to take him to a different dr. where we go this past Saturday, and this guy is trying some new things to help control his chronic cough.  (When he got up Saturday morn he said his ear did not hurt, but I was afraid not to take him.)


We went to a greenhouse last week and I saw this flower...Mandevilla Sanderi..I know the first part of the name is right.  Plant Snap added the second part.  There was a bright, bright red one, too.  I would have loved either one if I thought I could keep it growing.

I went for a red hibiscus and I wanted another tomato plant.  I found the red hibiscus if it will just survive the planting.  It ought to feel better in the ground, I would think, than confined to a pot.  It was a greenhouse owned by some Amish people.  They had very few tomato plants left and those came in a container that held 4 plants.  I got four called Mountain Fresh...the lady said she used them for canning and eating and we shall see if they produce some good tomatoes.


I had more to tell but my mind just went blank so will hush.  Have a good week everyone!