Monday, March 16, 2009

Special days...

Yesterday was sort of a special day for more ways than one. I got to looking at this little pamphlet that Roger picked up about Indiana's recreational areas and wanted to take a drive to see one of them...but we didn't. And I was so glad we didn't.

First of all Kay came over; she has not been over for more than a minute in a very long time. I have not known the reason....and still don't for sure though I do have a pretty good idea. Which is not mine to tell. Anyway, she and her 5 year old cousin, and her younger brother came over and visited for quite a while. Played outside, got blankets from home and laid out in the yard pretending they were sunbathing, had snacks. Just as if they had never be absent. So that was all good.

I was sitting outside talking to them, and looked up and here came three people down the sidewalk. It was another couple of 'our kids' that used to spend a LOT of time here. It was Travis and Kenny, and Travis's girlfriend. I don't remember her name...but she was a cute girl. They are both grown up and have been out of high school for a couple years I think.

Kenny first started coming over here when he was about 3-4 years old. His grandma lives down the street, and how he got started coming to play with the girls is more than I know. My youngest, Sarah, is probably at least 4 years older than him older. Anyway, when the girls were young, and I worked, I always came home early enough to be here when they got home...some of the time here Kenny would come. He would come in and sit down to watch TV and wait for them and lots of time would go to sleep. I will have to dig out pictures if I can find them....

Fast-forward a couple years and his cousins' parents were going through a they were all staying down at his grandmas. Even Kenny and his family, but I don't remember why she was down there. Their house was a full house!

So then Kenny started bringing Travis down, and before long, Travis's younger brother Dustin. Only Dustin was so quiet he literally wouldn't say a word for the longest time. They literally spent hours and hours here...and the thing of it was they were the best kids ever. They were never picky about food...ate whatever I fixed. I might should not admit this, but I am not always that at ease with kids. I never once wanted to send those kids home, and only had to a couple times because we all had to leave. (Kenny's younger sister was a different story--when she and her little female cousins came in, it was like a whirlwind coming through and I couldn't wait for them to come home.)

That went on for several then my girls were up older and stayed home part of the time when I worked and usually those kids stayed with them. Their family's kind of got their life straightened out, and Travis's mom moved to Terre Haute, and Kenny's moved not too far from here. In other words, he was still at his Grandma's fairly often. And for a while, when they came to visit her, the boys would still come down.

Then they grew older, and of course had their school friends, had their own life. And we just got a wave from them. And maybe they would stop every now and then...but that was okay so long as they were happy.

Then year before last after was out of high school, he stopped and visited for quite a while with us, and after that he joined the army....and is still serving. Yesterday was the first time we had seen him since that one good visit. He has served in Iraq and is now back stateside. I can not remember when he said his enlistment is up, but he wants to go to college and become a teacher. Physical education, of course. If you knew how athletic he was, you would know that that fits.

We had not seen Travis for a good visit since he was young...he is working for UPS....the way I understood him he is still considered part time, but hopes to make full time in the future. He had played football all during high school...I didn't ask why he wasn't going to college. He was always a smart kid and should have went.

They told us Dustin had also joined the army and is in basic training now. I would love to have seen him also...can't wait to tell our girls about their visit. Of course I showed them pictures of Lorelei.

Well, it is time I started thinking about getting ready to take Bubbie to get his pin out...just had to tell about what a good day yesterday was.

Oh, and on top of seeing the boys, I got Rachel's curtains finished.