Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I have been sewing but not quite ready to take a picture yet. The nine blocks are together, but want to add borders. I have some strips sewn together for that...I am hoping to get to sew more on that tonight.

THIS post sure made me think about my mom. She always wore an apron, but only wore the kind without the bib. I have no idea why she didn't want them. Maybe they were hotter. Till I was about 8 years old, mom cooked on the wood burning cook stove. I remember sitting by the stove in the winter mornings, but I don't remember much else about it. I do know she was glad to have the electric stove to do the canning and jellies on once we got one. But everyone always talked about how much better food tasted cooked on the wood stove.

She also always had to have pockets--even in her dresses she wanted pockets. But it was almost a sin with her if someone made an apron that did not have pockets. (Maybe this is where I get my love of pockets.) One of the things mom used her apron for was to gather things in...if we went to the garden and she decided she wanted a mess of something, she would just gather up the end of her apron in one hand and pick beans or okra and drop into the apron. An excellent way to do in my opinion.

In fact, I carried it on in a sense when I worked at the orchard...if I was out checking varieties of apples, and wanted to take some back to the house for everyone else's opinions, I would gather my t-shirt tail up in my hands and pick into that. Of course I had to watch that cause it would gradually stretch the neck till it was almost down to my bra!