Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A little slow posting...

 I don't know why, but just forgot about posting last night...till late.  And by then couldn't choose what to post.  Then this morn was looking for something to post, and was a bit before I remembered these butterflies.  There were several of them out at the strip pits...when I would get out to take a photo, and disturb them, it was a strange but good feeling to be standing in the middle of a bunch of butterflies dancing on the air.

This is just a cropped portion of the first photo above...I just liked the close-up view.  You can click on it for a larger view.  Other than these, the only butterflies we saw on that trip was one little pearl crescent that would not sit still for me and one tiger swallowtail.

In my flowers, the other day I had a red admiral and a fritillary...both had wings that were worse for wear.  That was the reason I did not take any shots of them...the bumblebees have claimed the cone flowers as their own.  At any time we can see 5 or 6 of them on the flowers.  And yesterday saw a hummingbird moth...but it seemed to only pass through.  There and gone before I could much more than have the thought to get my camera.
Our DirecTv is now far, so good.  Really liked the kid who installed it.  Felt like he really knew what he was doing.

I don't know why, but change really bothers me.  Makes me a nervous wreck.  I could not do anything yesterday till that was done and over with, so I didn't accomplish a thing.  It was around 5:00 when he got by the time they left, the day was done.
It is looking like rain...Roger is mowing....again.  I need to get off here and get busy with something.  It is just a matter of deciding what I want to do first.