Friday, July 30, 2010

Time for a post....

The other day I was hanging out clothes, and looked up and there was the little wren staring at me. I hurried inside to get my camera, and snapped the above picture before she flew.
Late in the evening, I sat out there an hour or so trying to get a better photo...but both were a tad bit shy. This one above is a cropped version of one I took. They were just singing and singing...sometimes I really wish I had their attitude.

I left my chair sitting out there, hoping they would get used to it. And every time I am out and they are out there, I talk to them. I know they are the House Wren, and not the Carolina--at least I have never heard them sing like the Carolina Wren. I am so used to Carolina Wrens...all I have ever dealt with were very, very friendly.

There was a pair at home that always built somewhere on one of the porches...we would be sitting on the swing, and they would perch on the chain to the swing right above our head. And my dad, sat out there with his feet up and they would land on his foot.
I have not seen Mama Squirrel in soooo long...I would say it has been at least two months. I keep looking and hoping she will show up. But we have been working outside a lot and have not seen hide nor hair of her. Lots of times when I have not seen her for a long time, she will end up just showing up when we are outside for any length of time talking. So this really makes me think she is gone for sure this time.