Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter has arrived!!!

I say that winter has arrived...and it definitely feels like it. It was so windy and cold today...the wind blew so hard that it was hard to stand still to take a photo during some of the gusts.
We ran through the strip pits just to get out a little bit...on entering we started seeing Northern Harriers right away...they were almost hanging in air with hardly a flap of their wings or anything. Just staying in place....
Other than the Northern Harriers, we saw several swans...I am not sure if the majority of them are tundra swans or trumpeter swans...probably tundra but I really don't know how to tell the difference.
But the pair above are mute can see if you click to enlarge the photo...

and again, more of the tundra or trumpeter swans...both flocks were too far away to get a decent photo.

So far, we just have a skim of snow...but the cold has settled in to stay it seems. And still are supposed to get more snow tonight, but I will believe it when I see it.


From a couple years ago...but with any luck, we might see some snow in the next couple of days. I am hoping the forecast is right...we are predicted to get 2-3 inches in our area. It has felt so strange to not have had a snow by now....something more than just a skim.

I spent 4 or 5 hours cutting fabric today....I am close to have enough strips cut to do the center part of the quilt. I got all the lights cut to length today...and got most of the 2 inch strips cut from the darks, plus as I cut them, I also cut one of the lengths. Hopefully will get them cut to length in the next day or two. I have to cut both the each one into 8 different it is time consuming.