Monday, April 28, 2008

Barns for your viewing pleasure

It has been a few days since I posted pictures of thought I would show a few more. The top one was taken in southern Indiana last summer. I love the looks of it--love the rounded roof and the little addition with the same style of roof.
This one was one I seen today on a seems to have been built so sturdy, but it appears the weather is starting to warp the boards. (You should be able to click on any of these to enlarge them for better viewing.)

The one above is living proof of the winds we have around here. I wonder if the farmer will eventually get around to repairing it...right now I would bet money they are working night and day almost to get the fields ready and planted.

And the one below is not far from my house and is just always so well groomed. You would think it stepped directly from some kind of barn make-over. And it is that bright red in real life...this is not adjusted with my photo software.