Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An update....

The above is a Lorelei while daddy is beatboxing for her...

And this little video was waiting on me when I got home today. Lorelei loves her Otto...if you listen closely when Otto walks out view you can hear him 'sneeze', and Lorelei copies him...then says 'Bless you, Otti!' She loves her Otto...and I must say he loves her.

Anyway, as to why I haven't been involved in blogging for the past month or so, our daughter had major surgery last month, so we went to help her, and to help with Lorelei while she recovered. We came home late Oct 31, got here about 11:00 p.m. (She only lives about 2 hours away.)

Anyway, I had things I had to do, and her hubby was going to be home with her. She caught a cold right before we left...I came home and caught it about 2 days later. Meanwhile, back at her house, both Lorelei and her daddy also caught it. I ended up being home about a week more than I had planned.

Sarah is doing great, and we are all about recovered from our colds except for the occasional coughing. I just have to tell this...I don't think Sarah will mind. After we left that first night we came home, Sarah had to get up with Lorelei....then Sarah got sick at her stomach. Lorelei was standing in the door of the bathroom while Sarah was being sick...Lorelei stood over there and laughed and laughed at her mom vomiting. Then she started trying to spit--I suppose she thought her mom was having all the fun!

I am not sure how regular I will be in blogging, but maybe I will get to do a few posts.