Sunday, November 15, 2015

Going back in time...

Sometimes I get to wondering what I took a year ago this day....what ever day the day is currently.  Or I will wonder how many years I will have to go back to find pictures taken on a particular day.
To find pics taken on November 15, I had to go all the way back to 2009!
This is sort of faded out, even after fiddling with it in Picasa.  Ever since I saw this, I have wanted to find some old barbed wired to use to make a wreath.  And yet I have not made a real effort to find any.  I need to at least try to find some...I even have an idea of where I might could get some.
And next I am showing you a couple pics of weathered buildings..
as long as I can remember, I have loved old weathered, wood buildings.  Or anything that is old.
And chickens!
I think they are just so photogenic...
There's nothing quite like a handsome rooster...and hens give a place such a homey feeling. 

I could not find where I took these pics, but I do know they were all taken in Parke County, Indiana.

The pics above show that it was a gray sort of day back in 2009.  Today has been bright and sunny.   We did have our breakfast on the front porch.  A late breakfast I might add.  I was totally surprised for it to be warm enough to enjoy sitting out there.

I have spent the entire evening sewing and messing with fabric.  A perfect kind of afternoon.