Friday, June 17, 2011

Is it enough popcorn for her??

To be honest about it, Sarah said she did not enjoy it half as much as what we had here that night last week...we are still laughing about that.

We also have more tales to tell. Sarah made her crib into a little bed with the half side rail a couple days ago. She spent the first night in it, and the next morn, she got up and did not cry for her mom. Sarah heard her open the door... Lorelei came down the hall and there is a corner there and you either go into their bedroom or on down the hallway a bit and into the living room, etc.

Lorelei got to that corner and slapped the wall hard with her hand twice and yelled, "STOP!!!! STOP SWEEPing!" (sleeping) We think she wanted the whole world awake.

Well, we went over yesterday to help a little with a plumbing problem...well, Roger to help and me along for the ride. So, she does go to bed in her bed, and she woke up crying this morn about 5:00 a.m....I forget what all she ask her mom for...she went through a whole list of stuff, but Sarah convinced her to go back to sleep.

Then, when I woke up, I could hear her chattering away...I thought she was up with her mom in the living room already...soon as I stepped out in the hall she stopped so I didn't realize she was in her bedroom still. I thought maybe Sarah had taken her to their bed. Being that I was up, decided to do my exercises....

About that time, I hear Sarah get her....she said Lorelei was just sitting on the edge of her bed kicking her feet saying "mommy, mommy, mommy" over and over, and when she walked in, Lorelei quick covered her own eyes with her hands, and said "Surprise!" That kid has way too much fun....