Friday, February 21, 2014

Through the windshield

Another shot from the archives.  But we did have a thunderstorm didn't last long.  The wind was really strong, and the weatherman said there was an unconfirmed tornado in the county next to us.  There was a confirmed one in Effingham, IL which it at least two hours from us. 

Just thought I would do a quick post...been busy today but not accomplished a lot when all is said and done.  We had to do some Walmart shopping, came home and put the things away.  I had sheets I had left in the dryer, so got them over in the dryer soon as we got home.

Had chicken I had to package to freeze, and dishes to do up.

And when the sheets were dry, put them back on the bed.  To put sheets on this particular bed feels like I am wrestling an elephant.  I have never hated to put sheets on any bed...but I do hate this one.  One thing I want to know.  Does anyone else just take the sheets off the bed, wash them, and then put them right back on the bed?  I do that almost all the time now.

My mom did not do that...but I guess with so many beds, she just wanted the beds to get made.  So, I always stripped the sheets off, and put the clean ones on right away.

With all the cold and snow we have had, I have sure been thankful for the washer and dryer.  Every time I do a load of clothes, I think of mom and all the laundry she did with just a wringer washer, and no dryer. And she always washed something with a washboard first, then threw them in the wringer.  I don't even know if anyone uses a washboard now....or if you can buy one.