Friday, December 14, 2018

Old photos...old memories

The Lorelei is here now, so trying to hurry and do a post to get the previous one moved on down the the hopes that if I do forget and open my blog with her around, it won't show up!

These have all been posted before...

In December of 2013.  How I wish we could go back to that time...but at least we have our memories.

I have searched and searched trying to find if I posted about a little drive we did in snow and ice.  I think I told but cannot find it if I did.  I have searched under the labels of snow, and searched all kinds of words.  Anyway, it is one of those memories that I hold dear, but always makes me laugh till I cry.  And one we think of it quite often.

It was a day about like the above...snow AND ice was abundant.  We had headed out on our drive and was going a familiar route.  This route contains a downhill curvy road.    It is the leg part of a 'T' intersection...when our road comes to the other, on the other side of the road is a steep bank DOWN to creek bottoms...and there are fairly good sized least 7 or 8 inches in diameter are there.

We were turned down that road...we always like to go down it because we used to see wild turkey there often.  So we get to the downhill part, and we don't seem to be slowing down...I tell Roger to please slow down a little bit.  He says 'I have had my foot on the brake ever since we started downhill.'  I am getting tickled...but it is not a laughing matter...the road gets pretty steep...and at the bottom it is a sharp turn either right or left and you can't see if anything is coming from one direction...but the rate we were going, we would not have made the turn.

There on the right side is a little house with a fairly big front yard.  The end of it ends in a steep bank too.  Probably taller than goes straight down to the road.

Roger was at his finest...instead of going over the bank he makes a quick turn into that yard, and just circles around and goes back out the way we came.  There was nothing to hit in the yard, and it was so frozen it would not have tore up the yard....probably barely left tire tracks!  But we always wondered did they see us...did they see our tracks.  Did they realize it was that or a bad wreck?  We would have stopped if we had hurt anything...

But any time it snows, and several times through the year we laugh about that day.