Saturday, November 29, 2008


We are helping our younger daughter redo the room for the baby so I don't have a lot of time. On top of that, Roger went to hook the trailer to the truck and found that our radio/CD player had been stolen. So, we filed a police report. We are probably lucky that that is all they got. Just in our little surrounding community, there has been a rash of theft.

I don't buy into that it is poor people/bad economy bit at all. It is thieves and nothing but thieves. We grew up about as poor as you can be but we never thought about stealing for a living. People work harder at that kind of stuff than they would if they just got out and got a job.

We (a nephew and I) caught someone in our neighbor's garden once when I was a teen, and I was too young and stupid to look around before I let him go. He said he just had to use the bathroom. After he left I found boxes where stuff was gathered out in the garden. He could do that and at the same time have one of those big 16 oz beers in his hands...if you can buy beer you can buy food. If it comes to that, I don't know of a soul that I grew up around, if you wanted a mess of beans, corn etc from the garden, they would have given you one. All you had to do was ask.