Wednesday, April 20, 2022

 Just a couple views of

She is growing like a weed...almost.

While I am at it, I might as well show Copper....he is enjoying his life.  My daughter also gets pics of some of his siblings...they seem to have landed in good homes, too.   Even if I had the photos, I would not feel free to show since they are not mine.  But wish you could see them all.  Below he was so tire he just had to snooze a while.

And below he is sitting on his mom's legs while leaning against the couch...he is a bit peeved that she is reading instead of playing with him.

It is a rainy day here.  Or should I say a day of sprinkles.  I think if it is going to rain, it is supposed to come in the afternoon.  

I am wondering if spring is ever going to get here all the way.  I am afraid it will basically skip spring and go into the heat of summer.

I have shown this before but still love it and hoping someone else will enjoy it...