Wednesday, October 15, 2008

From today...

We had to run to Terre Haute today, so on the way home we took a little detour. We were places that we didn't know where we were. Oh, we knew we were in Illinois or Indiana, but to honestly be able to say go here and turn right and go so and so and turn right again--no, we didn't know that. We did know if we headed east that we would eventually come to a road we recognized. Thank God the sun was still shining to tell directions by, though I do have a compass in the car for just such times.
The above is the first picture that I took...while my eyes were riveted on it, my husband was looking elsewhere. He asked what this was....
I told him I thought it was what my daddy used to call Wahoo...I seen it on another blog a bit back and got to looking for it on the web and found that it is also called the strawberry bush.
I can remember the first time I ever seen it when I was probably 10 years old or so...I thought it such a different type of bush. It was a little bit farther along than this...
I know I broke off some and sped home with it to show my mom and dad.
I must say that I still think it a pretty neat bush!

Virginia creeper

As fall approaches, almost everywhere we go, we notice the Virginia creeper climbing trees. I am always trying to capture its beauty, but feel the photos always fall just a little bit short of the actual beauty.