Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My very first attempt at watercolor...

About a month ago, after watching and watching videos of watercolor painting, I did my first attempt....this was the result.  It was using the color gray.  There are some definite goof-ups...but I do like my fence...sort of .  I wish I had planned the posts better in relation to that tree! 

I got up the courage to show this after Barb showed her first attempt here.  I love what she did, and what she did with them digitally and think she could be on to something there.  I have not had time to try that with this, and don't even know how it would work with it being in grays.

And I want to make another attempt at something...I guess I did one day while Lorelei was here....but I was just messing with doing trees and a gate.  And have not taken a photo of it.

Still working on rearranging the clutter I guess you would say.  I have got rid of very little today but I have condensed some.  And Roger has taken a couple of three things for his workshop area.  Going through all this piddly stuff is just so tedious.  

I have enough staples to supple everyone that reads my blog.  I am not sure where they all came from...maybe the girls left some here.  I don't really think that is it, but I cannot remember when I have bought staples.  I do not use them that much.

Well, that is it for now...want to get back to my task.  The end of the desk is in sight.  I would love to finish it tonight.