Monday, October 22, 2012

Just a little preview

 I couldn't resist a little preview of the quilt....I have also got the row of reds surrounding the center quilted.  Not sure how I am going to quilt the next row of the colors shown here.  But need to get busy and do something.  I would love to get this quilt finished by the least the quilting. 
It isn't perfect, but it is my first time trying to free-motion quilt feathers of any type.  I was quite happy with this center part of the quilt.  The feathers in the red fabrics does not show up hardly at all.
It was cloudy then sunshiny by turn this morn...I hurried and did one load of towels.  I had to take them down and finish them in the dryer.  It rained for 3 hours or more....a lot of leaves came down with the rain.  I hope they last a while longer though.  I am not ready for winter to begin yet.