Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy hours

This is not what is normally pictured when hearing the term 'happy hour.' Yet we have spent so many happy hours there.  We always took the girls with us when we went fishing.  Sometimes they fished a little bit, but was more than apt to be wading, swimming, catching crawdads, etc. 

All in front of the dam is shallow till it goes over the little rock ledge with one exception....Roger sometimes wades up and fishes at the base of the damn.  Over near the ride side, directly on past that log, there is a hole of water that is over his head.  He found that out accidentally when fishing. 

Most of the time I fish from the sandbar...throwing my lure up at the base of the rock ledge.   But if fish are not hitting my lure, I sometimes take out my camera and take a few photos.  Or, other times we have fold up chairs and I will have brought something to read.

I am hoping to get to take Lorelei back there a few times this summer...hoping that she finally catches a fish on her own.  And maybe we can teach her to skip rocks...just can't wait till it is warm enough to take her.