Monday, October 29, 2012


The leaves are almost totally gone now.  I feel like we are about to be looking at fall through the rear view mirror.
Lorelei went home yesterday....even though she is not a loud child, the house just seems so totally empty when she leaves.  

I am in a decluttering mood again.....we have been getting stuff ready to go to the auction.  Some of it is things we don't use....some is stuff that had been Roger's mom's or grandmother's....the girls didn't want it and I have no place for it so will let someone else enjoy it.

I am putting the baby crib...we had got it used to have when we babysat Lorelei when her mom worked.  Ended up, I think she spent maybe a total of 3 or 4 hours napping in it in all the time we babysat her, and she has spent a couple or three nights in it when she was spending the night.  It is a nice Simmons wooden crib.  We gave $35 for it used, so am wondering what we will get for it.  Since she didn't ever really use it much, it is not hard to part with.

Things really can surprise a person....I put in this old game joystick the last time we put stuff in the auction.  It really had not been used much, but it was probably at least 15 years old and it sold for either $20 or $25.  I had come so close to just pitching it a time or two but always held back.  Now I have a couple more things to put old scanner that still works.  I just got a better one that scans both photos and documents AND slides.  I think there is an old  microphone here...again, it hasn't been used, but it is old.

It is always fun just to see what people want.....