Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another gray day....

This was our Roger's window one day last week.  Click to enlarge it.  You know winter is fast approaching when you see scenes like this.   It is another day just about like the picture, only it is not actually raining right now.  But the roads are wet, and it looks like it could start at any moment.

Is anyone else watching The Voice?  We did not watch the first couple of seasons, but really enjoy it now.  I haven't got a favorite for sure.  There is one that--I cannot think of his name, but if you watch it and I say the nerdy one, you will know who I mean.  He has an awesome voice.  Now there is one I don't like/enjoy...a female.  But won't say her name...I may end up liking her before it is over with.

I am reading An American Journey:  Travels with Friday in Search of America and Americans.  Just so you know, Friday is what he has named his bike.  I am really enjoying it.  He did a ride when he was a kid after reading Steinbeck's Travels with Charley.  Fifty years later, at the age of 65, he decides to do another trip, this time instead of a couple hundred miles, it is a thousand miles.  I am not half through the book, but have really enjoyed it so far.