Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Neal, does this bring back memories?

The other day, Neal responded to this post by telling me I forgot the smell of new mown hay--and he was right. It is one of those smells that I love and that take me to childhood. I never see loads of hay like this without thinking of my brothers....and them coming in all hot and dusty. It was a hard job but they did it and never complained that I ever heard.

We didn't own a haybaler or rake either, but my older brother helped two or three other farmers so much that he was always welcome to use their equipment, and I know one of them always baled for him, but don't know if they did the raking. I think he did the raking, and they started bailing, and when George got done raking, they started the process of loading and hauling in the hay.

I think they held the record for getting in the most hay in one day....Neal don't remember this, but I am almost positive I remember them putting up a bit over a 1,000 bails in one day. I don't know who drove for them, I am thinking it might have been my other brother....but it was just George and Neal to load and haul it and put it in the barn. That is the part that makes it a record in my opinion. It was well after dark when they got done.....but it was done.

Well, storms are moving in and Lorelei will be here shortly. I best get moving and get this posted till I can unplug the computers.