Monday, September 28, 2009

What is this?

Roger and I recently joined a local sportsman's club....there are strip pits to fish....a shooting range and deer hunting is allowed. We have been out there a couple of times checking out the place. Two or three previous photos are from there. The strip pits are really old, and around them is grown over with bushes and trees, etc.

Up on top of this little knoll, is a grassy area. it would be perfect for a house. But that's beside the point. I saw this bush up there and have no idea what it is and was hoping someone on here would know. I hope we can go back sometime this week to see if it has changed any.

And there are other things to keep a watch for. There is a family of young coons...I will post a picture of one of them in a day or two. And tell about how I got it. We have also seen turkeys, and I seen a kingfisher one day. But I was not close enough to take its picture. Roger seen we are hoping to see more.

I really feel like our fall is not going to be pretty or last is really windy and one needs long sleeves on to be outside. I still love it, but was really hoping for another pretty fall like the past couple of years have been.

Lorelei is coming after while...I need to get some things done around here before she gets here. I should not have taken off for that drive Saturday but it was just too tempting to resist. Yesterday had obligations elsewhere so nothing in my house got done. So, I am off to clean the bathroom good, and do a few other things before Bright Eyes gets here.