Monday, January 18, 2016

This & That

Just have to show some proof of the pheasants we have been seeing at the strip pits.  They don't give much chance of getting a good photo.
They take off on the run the minute we pause.  If we just keep going they move along, but not as they do when we pause.
I am still working on the Lotus quilt top for my daughter.  I had taken some time off to play with the coiled mat I showed the other day.   I have made more mistakes on this Lotus quilt top than in all the other tops I have ever made!  I have made plenty of dumb mistakes in my life of sewing, but this one takes the cake.  and it is really no worse and not as hard as some quilts I have done in the keeping things in order.  If not for the ripping, I would have the rows at least made...
Has anyone else seen the new series on PBS called Mercy Street.  It is about two nurses on opposing sides of the Civil War.  We saw the first episode tonight and I really enjoyed it.  We thought it well worth watching.