Thursday, July 16, 2015

Couldn't think of anything soo...

A repeat photo, but they are doing this now. 
I could not think of anything to post about, and I had seen Jacqueline's post here --it is a post of 25 things about herself.  And I have been wondering ever since could I come up with 25 things about myself.

1.  I have embarrassing moments I will never, ever share with anyone.  They are that embarrassing.

2.  There's very little else you haven't heard about at one time or another.

3.  My mom cooked on a wood stove till I was in 3rd or 4th grade.

4.  I love to take a small spoon of peanut butter and dip it in is soooo good.  But I have not had it in years and years and years.

5.  I attempted to make my first skirt when I was probably 6 or 7 years old.  I can remember asking my mom if I could have this red material to play with.  We had company, and I don't know if she said yes without really thinking, or if she didn't care.  I tried to make a straight skirt...and it was so tight I could hardly walk in it, much less go up steps.  What I don't remember is how I made it...and I don't remember how I fit it around me.   I don't know if I used the treadle sewing machine but I think I must have.  I know I did not put a zipper in at that age.  I can remember clear as day trying to go up the back steps.  Again, I don't remember if I was able to or had to give up...but I do know I was embarrassed and no one was even noticing.  I took it off and I don't know what became of it.  I think I hid it when I took it off.

6.  I am the youngest of 8 children, or as we say the baby of 8.

7.  I am younger than one of my nephews.  Most of my nieces and nephews seems more like brothers and sisters since we are close to the same age.

8.  I have the churn we used to make buttermilk and butter in when I was a kid.  And also the dash that my dad made.

9.  I walked the railroad part way to and from school almost every day of my life.  First to elementary...I still had a couple blocks to go after I got off the railroad.  Then when high school started, I still walked it, only to catch the bus.  There were a couple different little stores that we could wait in out of the cold till the bus came.

10.  When I graduated, I only sent invitations to my family.  But as I was getting off the bus one day, the bus driver said, "Here, you didn't send an invitation, but I am not treating you any different than the rest of the kids."  And he gave me a card with money in it...that still touches my heart.

And the wife of a man my brother worked for/with sent me a gift, even though she didn't know me. It was a lady's clutch billfold.  I kept it for years just in remembrance of her.

11.  I love google earth!

12.  In Jacqueline's post she has a random thing about the praying mantis...well, it quickly ran a bell with me.  When I was in high school, I had a young praying mantis in my bedroom and was leaving it there on purpose.  Well, when company came, my bedroom became the guest room and I slept on the couch.   My brother and his wife came in and he took my praying mantis outside and set it free, not realizing I wanted it left in there.  Then again, maybe he didn't care...and his wife at the time probably did not appreciate it at all.

13.  I like mustard and onion has been a while since I had one, though.

14.  I had rather drive a truck as anything...I see a lot of cars I really, really like but if given a choice, I would take a truck any day of the week.  A truck was the first vehicle I bought F100 with 3 on the tree, as they say.

15.  I learned to drive a stick shift coming from Tennessee to make a long story short, my brother's leg was broke, he was staying with a sister up here, and wanted his truck for when he got well.  I don't remember all the details, but he had went home for a bit, and I went home, and he taught me how to shift gears, etc on that 400 mile trip home in a Ford F250.

16.  I always think it so odd to go into a home that has no books visible.  And actually, I have been in some that I don't think had any books.  How does a person live without books?

17.  Used to when I first met someone, I always liked to see their music selections.  I loved to see what albums they had.  Now, if given the chance, I would see what type of books they read.

18.  I worked at an apple orchard for 19 years...the first 5 years were mainly in the picking season.  Then I began working year round and did a little bit of everything.  It was the best place ever to work.

19.  I live with a lot of regrets...things I wish I had done different.  Things I wish I HAD done, or at least tried to do.

20.  I/we seem to attract it animals or sometimes the two legged variety.  It is me with animals..and Rogere with people.  Roger went to the hardware store and met someone and came home with a really good, new friend.

21.  I met a good quilting friend through a quilt chat room back in the days of AOL.  We don't see each other much, but still she was a great friend.  She stopped quilting and switched back to crocheting and knitting.  But she sure made a lot of quilts!

22. I am still friends with my childhood friends...

23.  Every fall is when I miss Tennessee the most.  I have lived in Indiana far longer than the 19 years of growing up in Tennessee but Tennessee is still home!

24.  As I grew up, it was a real treat to get to buy a pop of any kind an have a candy bar.  Money was scarce and we seldom bought pop, candy, or ice cream.

25.  To this day my favorite ice cream for a float is butter-pecan!

How is that for some random things...

We came over to Sarah's...kind of spur of the moment and will be heading home in a little while!  With Lorelei.