Saturday, November 22, 2008

This could be my husband....

I found this this morn on someone's blog when going through the Camera Critters blog comments...if I didn't know otherwise, I would swear it is my husband. Or his clone. It is a combination of Puss Puss and Bubbie.

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Camera Critters

It is time for camera critters again...I can't believe I remembered. So far, so good. Tomorrow I have to try to remember to go sign up when Misty opens the link page.
The first shots are of some of the geese that was at Dobb's Nature Center in It was already evening and overcast part of the time. I really do wonder how birdsTerre Haute a few days ago.
stay warm in he winter, especially the wading and swimming birds.
These all seem to be in good is against park rules to feed them. I am assuming because most people would feed only bread, and any kind of bread at that and that would not be nutritional for them.

Yesterday morn, I started to brush my teeth. I didn't have the light on in the bathroom, but had the door open and was just going to brush my teeth from the light coming in through the door. There was this 'stuff' which I thought was tiny bits of hair all over the sink.

I immediately thought 'well, I have not trimmed my bangs followed by the thought maybe Roger trimmed his beard. But his beard is white so even though I have not technically been declared insane I reverted back to my bangs...but I just had my hair trimmed. So reassured that it was not my hair and still half asleep, I tried to rinse it on down the didn't go. I just thought I would clean it up later.

Well, later, when I was a little more awake, I remembered I had seen Bubbie asleep in the sink, and it was his dirty little foot prints in there. I haven't seen him curled up in the sink in quite a while so I don't know what thoughts went through his head to want to sleep in there.

Oh, and now that it is cold, he and the other cats still want to go outside...they just want back inside quicker. With the inside doors closed, he is the only one that hasn't devised a way to really get our attention to let him in...Mama Cat scratches on the storm door loud enough for us to hear, while Puss Puss and Cougar gets the screen.

When I realize Bubbie is out, I will start checking on him, and even calling for him. But I think I have discovered the right way to bring him home. I have happened to turn Shelby, our dog, out two or three times when I have been waiting for Bubbie to come in. Well, when she is ready to come home she always gives a couple little barks. (Her little barks are still quite loud.) If I wait just a couple minutes after Shelby barks, Bubbie is usually there and through the door before she is.

So this is my post for camera critters. If you want to join, click on the badge at the top of today's post.