Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lorelei at the park

Lorelei's mom and dad had something they had to do Saturday and Sunday, so they spent the night here Sunday night...and Lorelei stayed on to spend Monday night and Tuesday night with us. We took her to the park/playground yesterday.
As you can see here she had a good time...
She played and played and played. This after a night of crying out in her sleep and getting me up and she cried and cried and was mad at me.....then got up yesterday morn all giggles and smiles. Just happy to be alive. We think she has dreams/nightmares, but not sure. She had did the same thing when her mom and dad were here and was screaming that she wanted her rocket. She made no mention of a rocket the first night with me...

Anyway, like I say she got up in a totally refreshed mood...we ended up taking her to the park for a couple hours. I think it is the first time to ever have it completely to ourselves for any lenght of time.

Then that afternoon, she was watching Tom & Jerry on the computer and playing with crayons. I had given her paper to draw on. I came back in and caught that she had been writing on the back of the chair with the crayons. I told her not to be writing on Mamaw's things. I can't remember exactly how it went...she said something like "I'm's my chair! See it says so right here--Lorelei Rose T-----!" and pretended to write on it. And her eyes just gleamed. I didn't crack up then, but I did later. She is too smart for words.