Sunday, December 16, 2007

Since wet stuff keeps falling, I have yet to get out and take any I kept digging around to find something to post that reminds me of the weather we are having now.

This was taken December 8, 1973 in Tennessee with a polaroid camera...remember them? This is one of my favorite pictures--takes me back to childhood almost instantly.

There was nothing better than snowy days for me. I would get my cheap old boots on, get the dogs and take off on a 'grand' adventure...this is just some of the area I might cover in an afternoon. This was just part of my growing up playground.

The barn that is prominent in the pictures was was built by my brothers under the direction of my dad when they were in high school! My dad had muscular dystrophy and by the time we got moved to the 'new' house, he was not able to do much. This barn, as well as our house was all built from wood that was taken from the trees on our parents were nothing if not self sufficient in so many ways.

There is a creek that is the boundary between our property and the neighboring property...there were two or three summers that I played in that creek a big part of the day each summer. Catching crawdads, skipping rocks, etc....I really don't know what we did to have so much fun, but those are some of the best memories of my life. It was a couple or three years that my nephew, who is a month older than me, spent the summers with us.

That barn holds tons of memories...of calves we raised on bottles, of swings we had in it, playing hide and go seek, building tunnels back in the hay, or just me sitting in the loft hunting blackbirds with the old .22 rifle. I don't hunt anything now, though if I was back in a place where I had a garden and birds or groundhogs were destroying what I had planted, I could still do it. Might not enjoy it, but I would do it.

Enough of memories for the night...snow is really beginning to fall. I sure hope I can get out tomorrow and take pictures. I love snow pictures....