Monday, December 17, 2007

I finally took a couple snow pictures...these are from over in Illinois, not too far across the state line. Doesn't it look so cold and lonely? I didn't have the nerve to go far because I was afraid of running into drifts that I couldn't get through. The roads going east and west were fine for the most part, though some of those only had a lane wide enough for one vehicle to pass through. I don't know what would have happened had I met another car.

I also went to Lori's_Pins_'n_Needles. I had to buy a couple things there to finish up one Christmas present. She has the most beautiful selection of fabrics that I have come across in one quilt shop. She carries a wide variety. If anyone is ever passing near Paris, Illinois, I highly recommend this shop.

I bought my friend a couple half yard pieces of fabric, then I bought two half yard pieces that I am going to make us each a fat quarter from. Then I bought a couple or three things I just wanted. I bought a little pin cushion with a magnet to stick to my Juki...I think I will eventually want one for my Pfaff...then I bought some freezer paper pages till I don't have to cut my own. Also got myself a 6 1/2 Creative Grid ruler...I think I will eventually switch over to those.

I have Christmas presents wrapped now, but not bows. They are going to be lucky to survive the cats this year. I have had to get the little Princess out of the tree several times since she has started feeling better. And they tend to like to play under it--even with all the presents under it. They just play on top of them, or knock them out.

I have been sewing a little bit, but it is not something I am driven to do. Been making scrap blocks--just sewing bits of scraps together...using a rotary ruler and cutter and cutting a straight edge, adding more strips, till I can cut a 6 1/2 square from the sewn together bits. Not sure what I am going to do with them when I get done. But it is enjoyable to sew even a little bit.

I am glad I have a cheap iron--the cats have now knocked mine to the concrete floor twice--and it still works! I told my husband he was going to have to make me something to hold it till they couldn't knock it over. Not quite sure what it is going to be or how it is going to work, but he will come up with something once I start pestering him about it.