Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fridays's Random 5...

If you click to enlarge, I think you will be able to see the fine mist of rain in the above pic.  This was taken has not stopped all day long, but for the most part was more of a misting rain...sometimes harder than other.

That being said, it is time for Random 5 Friday...I have jotted down the first three as they occurred to me during the week.  I would have forgotten them if I had tried to remember them.  So here they are...

 1.  This may have been mentioned by someone else, since I have not been joining Randon 5 very long, I have missed it if they have.  But has anyone else noticed that it is mostly or all women that join Random 5?  I don't think I have seen one single male, or if I did, they joined without listing 5 things.  What do you think this says about men and women in general?

2.  I believe that the actual physical heart does almost break sometimes during a time of loss...this from experience.

3.  Blogger really messes with me.  I am positive I visit blogs...yet will go back the next day and there will be two or three posts that did not show up the previous days.  Or sometimes it will happen just in one morn...I will visit a blog...nothing new.  Then will click on it again, and there is a post that was made the previous day.  (I still view blogs by visiting the actual blog--not through a reader of any kind.)

4. There is nothing quite like music to take me back to my youth.  Been listening off and on all night to music...some of it old stuff from  our youth...Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Poco, Eagles, etc.  Dan Fogelberg's Run For the Roses...can anyone listen to it without crying?  If you have never heard should go listen to it. I find the songs that touch me most brings a tear to my eyes. 

5.  Did not do any sewing at all today...did mess some with fabric.  It ended up we had to run an errand or two, and of course, we took a round about way home on one of those.

Linking to Random 5 

Comparing color

This shot was taken October 22, 2009....
And this one was taken today....

Isn't digital photography wonderful!  For knowing the date the pics are taken? 

It has been overcast and the sidewalks and roads have been damp all day long, but I have not seen it actually raining.  It was warm enough to sit on the porch and read a while.  It is usually too cool to eat breakfast outside now....I miss that and miss sitting out there to read.

Tomorrow they are saying we may get up to two inches of rain.  At least I have a good excuse to go down and fool with my sewing.  I did a bit of cleaning down there this evening, but only a drop in the bucket. 

Of all things I found some crumb blocks that I had started the other day--started but not finished-- and I have been fooling with them again.  I really don't want to get into making another quilt of them so not sure what I will do with these few blocks.  I am making the bigger than my usual 6½ inches...though I can see myself cutting them apart to go back together a different way.