Thursday, September 15, 2011

Special day...

Any day we see an eagle we consider a good day...well, imagine how special it is to see two eagles with a blog friend!!! I have been visiting Mary of Faith, Fabric, and Photos blog almost since I first began blogging. We have wanted to get together for along time, but things kept happening on my end that prevented it when it should have been so easy.

So today, her husband had to be up this way...she emailed me to see if it was convenient, while apologizing for such short notice. Well, for us, short notice is almost always best.

We talked, and laughed, and showed each other our quilts....I even showed her the part of our basement where I do my sewing. And let me tell you, that takes nerve, cause it isn't very pretty down there.
But it serves its purpose.

After that, we headed out to the strip pits...the first thing we saw an eagle up high. The first time I glimpsed it, the way it turned I saw the sunlight reflect off the white tail feathers...I took pictures but I had forgot to reset my ISO and shutter speed so they are not good at all...see the photo below. It will enlarge, but let me tell you, it is hardly worth it.
Then right as we left the strip pits, we spotted the eagle in the first photo...we only had just a few seconds to snap a couple it was turning away from us.

I think we are both hoping this is the first in a lot of visits...