Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Another Lorelei image....

 Just have to show this one...another beautiful image from Lorelei.  Not sure what these are...I did not think to ask her if she knew the name.


We had a lot of rain night before last...the ground is saturated.  There are a few leaves turning, but still a long way to go before there are any beauties.  I am in hopes that we don't keep getting rain that knocks them off before they turn.


Roger was scheduled for an echocardiogram and a nuclear stress test this afternoon.  Every time the phone rang from the hospital, I expected it to be cancelled.  We were about to walk out the door when they called and the stress test was cancelled because the machine was down.  I felt like a bird that had been set free.   

We went on and got the electrocardiogram...we were not told the results.  But I was even happier that the nuclear stress test was cancelled because I think it would have been too hard on Roger.  

I am so tired this night...I may actually make it to bed by midnight...