Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Lorelei Look

We have all wanted to capture the pouty look of Lorelei...this is almost it! When she is getting upset about something...such as her bottle is not ready quick enough.....her bottom lip 'squares off' as my husband says. At first just the corners turn out, then it proceeds to this look, and then sometimes she cries and sometimes she goes between crying and smiling.
and sometimes she forgets all about it. That did not really happen here in these two in her little seat. I did not get her bottle warm soon enough.
The ones below were taken when I was getting ready to change her diaper.
She almost gets her whole hand in her mouth! Sometimes she gags herself and she will look at me like I have done something to her.
She is such a joy to have around....

We walked across the street to show her to a couple neighbors. They are my husbands friends and were out in one of their garages working on a trailer. The one guy and his wife have this dog...I need to take a picture of her. Anyway, she is just a Heinz 57 mix...friendly...likes to ride on ATV's...not a mean bone in her body.

I would have loved to have had a video of her today! I have had collies and they always like babies...if you know them you can tell right away that their heart just melts at the sight of one. But is is a quiet thing with them, and you have to be looking at them to tell it. Well, Lady, that is the neighbor's dog...she was actually shivering with delight at the sight of Lorelei! She wanted to get to her so bad, but she is in a fenced yard. And it might have been a good thing. But I did hold Lorelei down to her till she could at least smell her feet and legs.

Shelby is easing up with Lorelei and seems to finally realize I know how to take care of her....last week, if Lorelei even whimpered a little in her sleep, Shelby thought I should come get her. I sometimes wish she was a young dog now till Lorelei would have her to grow up with.

Lorelei is jabbering more and more. She does not like to be snuggled for the most part. Now if it is nap time, she seems to need it. And that is okay. Being independent is not a bad thing.

I guess I need to get to bed...I took half a Tylenol pm to try to go to sleep easier....I have been going to bed and just laying and thinking and thinking. So good-night for now.