Sunday, February 6, 2011

From the archives.....

This was taken in October of 2007...I thought then that it was being prepared either to live in or for a you can see by going here to my other blog, it is definitely something now. I assume a home...I sure wish I could see the inside. That big window up top had still framed a Christmas tree. I hope next year I can remember to go by there at night.

I had such fun looking for this are wonderful. They take us back in time...I could almost feel the sun on my face looking at some of them. Others it was the wind..or maybe that feeling right before a storm.

Then there was the ones of Lorelei when she was just a baby...

look at that little face! It just melts my heart and makes me wish she was right here, right now till I could sneak in a hug every now and then.

Do you realize she will be two years old next week...the 9th to be exact. I wonder where the time has flown. I wish I could go back and relive some of the days, but since I can't....I will scroll through the photos and when I come to one of her, it will bring a smile to my face...and maybe a giggle in some instances...and my arms will ache to hold her.