Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fishing is another love of mine, though I have actually spent very little time on that hobby the past few years. But today, we went fishing. In the creek pictured here. We go upstream from this dam a couple miles, park, get in the creek and fish with our ultra light rods and reels with artifical lures/jigs. We spent at least four or five hours in the stream today, and it was just so enjoyable.
For the past few years, I could not wade and fish because I got so dizzy seeing the ripples in the water. Then, I got to thinking maybe it was looking through my bifocals that made it affect me so bad. So, today, I put my glasses on top my head--I have to have them to be able to see when I change lures. But otherwise, there they stayed. And I fished to my heart's content. Well, almost. I would not have minded staying a while longer but my husband has to go to work tomorrow, we had not eaten since morning, so we headed home.
It was such a wonderful day though. We caught a little bit of everything--bluegill, small mouth and large mouth bass, rock bass, and of course I caught creek chub. I detest those things, and I honestly would rather catch nothing as to have to take one of those of my hook. I think it is cause they make noises when handled. It sort of makes me shiver just to think about. And I swear they are slimier feeling than a normal fish.