Monday, January 4, 2010

Nothing like mom!

It had been a few days since we had seen Bright while in Terre Haute we stopped by to see her. (We woke her and mom up from a nap!) She has a good time with us, but every so often she just has to have a little loving from her mama.
Betsy asked if that is Roger in the photo in the post below...yes, it is. I don't care how cold it is, he will be out without any jacket. He usually has a jacket or coat of some kind in the car, but he very seldom wears one.

Cold and colder still....

These were taken last week...and it was cold then. But not the bitter cold that it has been the past few days. It is 9ยบ as I type this. On this day some of the bigger icicles were actually melting.
These were taken near Fallen Rock Camp you can see where it got its name. It is east of Highway 59, south of Mansfield a couple roads.
The cats go out but don't stay long. Mother cat only tries to go out about once a day...but before I can shut the door she whirls around and runs back inside.
The birds are really going through the food and Mama Squirrel and three others help them. Even with the nuts and handfuls of sunflower seeds I put out for the squirrels they get under the birdfeeders and hunt for all the drops.
I am slowly cutting 6 inch squares of fabric to make a quilt top. I just have the urge to sew and not sure what I want to sew. If I would go down and work steady I would have enough cut in no time. I think I need 240, give or take a few....and I have 150 cut. With rotary cutters and rulers, it really doesn't take much time. Even in this, the time consuming part is deciding which fabrics to use.

I was just going to use mainly fabrics that were in the dark blues, dark reds, and tans but have been introducing other colors along. I only cut two square of each fabric, so by that you can guess I have a lot of fabric. I probably have enough to just cut one square of each fabric, with no two alike....I have been building a fabric stash for a long, long time.