Thursday, August 1, 2019

A girl and her dog....

This is Rosie...she is the lovingest little dog you about ever seen as far as people go, but she bosses Otto around something fierce.   And he just lets her.

And she is about zonked out.  Don't you just love this...
I have not did two cents worth of anything today other than take us to breakfast, stopped at our Walmart for a few things, and did two or three household chores.  When Lorelei texted to see if she could spend a couple nights, I did not start anything.  Other than started cooking our supper...she does like home cooking better than about anything.

Oh, I about forgot the funny thing I wanted to tell.  We were at Walmart and about ready to leave...Roger and was over two or three aisles, maybe four...and this young girl and her mom/grandma walked by.  She say hi grandma as she passed me...I didn't know if she was speaking to me or was saying 'hey' grandma...thought I had heard wrong.

I would say she was from 8-10 years old.  And had some kind of learning disability.  Well, in 3 or 4 minutes, Roger came over and he was chuckling...and I asked him what was so funny...he said as that little girl passed him she said 'Hey Bud, you need to go home and shave!"    It was a miracle he could remember what she said cause ever since we got home, he has asked me what did she say.  It makes us both laugh every time we think of it.

Our Walmart is so small, that almost all the cashiers 'know' us, and the one we had today is actually the sister of one of our neighbors.  So we told her, and she got a good laugh but she told us we were lucky, cause most days that girl is in there is is rambunctious and very loud.

I hope this leaves you makes me want to start chuckling just thinking about it...and about Roger's reaction.