Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drive by colors

We did leave kind of early for us this morn, but it was dark and dreary and misting to begin with...then it lightened up a little bit.
This bottom photo was actually taken before the top, but I like saving the best for last. But the day began and ended in a misting rain.

Even so, we went on a nice long drive and saw some wonderful colors...but it only makes me want to go back in better weather if they don't all fall.

Pumpkins anyone?

This was a house we passed the other was at a place we couldn't really pull off the road for me to get a good photo, but I snapped a couple anyway.

I have been at Sarah's today....and working on getting everything updated on the old computer ever since I came home. I am stopping for the night, even though I probably still need to update some things. I am just going to stop and take a mind can relax now that everything is working again.

Lorelei is a hoot to be with....I swear she has a since of humor right now. She loves to laugh and loves to make us laugh. I think she gets that from both her mom and her dad.