Friday, January 23, 2009

A couple more from Bridgeton

At the beginning of this week I posted a single picture of the covered bridge and mill at Bridgeton, Indiana. I had meant to post it and these two at the same time. I usually don't like Christmas decorations after Christmas is over, but there was just something about this big wreath on the side of the bridge that I couldn't resist. I had thought I would post it for the Ruby Tuesday, but they were doing macro, so first thought I would save it till next Tuesday. Instead, since I am again so tired I can't think, I am posting it because I had it ready.And I thought I should post the old mill while I was at it...I like snow pictures. And I think this is one of the better ones I have of the mill...I think I would almost like to have this one in jigsaw puzzle form.

We have been working on the grandbaby-to-be's room. Roger and Jeremy put a new window in there...and we had to do the trim inside. And Roger about had to custom design it. It turned out real would be so much simpler if Roger's table saw was easily moved. But it is a very heavy duty one and it is all he and I can do to move it a few inches at a time...and that by scooting it across the floor, not lifting it.

And he has been making the other isn't really that hard of work, but time consuming. And it would be so much easier if we could have taken his table saw. We have had to put the dado head on the saw and use it to custom fit things. I say we when I should be saying Roger....I just watch. Anyway, would be so much easier if we could take it with us, cause for two or three nights in a row, we have had to bring something back home with us for him to use the dado on.

And then there is the painting...the trim is to be painted so we have been doing that as we go. Again not hard...but paint and let it dry, then give a second coat.

Hopefully, by this time tomorrow, it will be done. Except for the new carpet which will be done Monday.