Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This is Chunky Monkey hard at rest! He does lay in some of the most contorted positions I have ever seen a cat lay in. This one is not bad in comparison to some I have seen. Sometimes he will have an arm so out of position that I think he about has to be double jointed.

This weekend was fine entertainment from them. Sunday morn, husband got up to go to the potty and came back to bed. Normally I lay there with my eyes closed, but for some reason I had them open and seen him come around the end of the bed--one of the cats was under the bed and grabbed him! I laughed till I cried at his expression and the way he jumped.

Then there is the little girl, who is sometimes a little princess and sometimes Puss Puss. She loves Roger--when he comes home from work, the first thing he is supposed to do is pick her up and pet her a few minutes. Then when he puts her down, she helps him take off his work boots, followed by a quick dash to the bedroom for a romp on the bed.

She will come get in bed with us, and she peddle pushes/kneads with her paws. And will go in and out from under the cover numerous times. Well, I went to bed just a bit past midnight Sunday night, leaving the kitties all asleep in the living room and dining room. I had not been in bed but a minute when up over the side she hops. Goes straight to husband to peddle push for a few seconds, then is in and out under the cover I don't know how many times.

Then she comes and gets on my chest and peddle-pushes for a bit then lays down and I think she is settled down good. I continue petting her all the time thinking we have got it made--we can just lay there and go to sleep, or back to sleep as in the case of Roger. But she only lays there a few minutes and hops up and goes over on his pillow to peddle push with her face right in his face, and purring loud enough to wake the dead. By then I am laughing so hard I am shaking the bed, so get up, grab her and sleep on the couch. He can't stand it cause her whiskers tickle his face sort of like walking through a spider web.

Mama cat is so settled in...I think she fully realizes she does not have to worry about anything here. I have not had her hiss at me or heard her hiss at anyone since about the first week. Can about sit down on her and she won't move. So different to when she was at her other home--she would not stick around for anyone except my daughter. She was constantly in the defense mode.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Aren't they pretty?

No matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to get in the mood for Christmas...looking at these presents from a couple of years ago should inspire me. But all I can do is look and think, 'Wow--I made those bows.' I have three presents bought for two people, and still have more shopping to do for those two people. I have not idea what I am getting anyone...I can always buy for my older daughter. I seem to be able to choose clothes she likes, and can always find a dozen things she really likes.

My younger daughter is a different matter however--she just doesn't seem to want a lot of anything. Her husband is the same--he loves working on cars for fun...year before last we bought him a whole bunch of tools...and my older daughter also bought him a socket wrench set, then last year we bought him a battery drill set that also had a saw, and a palm extra battery he is basically set for tools. Oh, we also got him a vise. He has an engine just not much else that he needs. (His mom or grandma have bought him other tools)

Then there is my quilting buddy who is taking a LONG break from quilting...she has been crocheting and knitting some but since I do neither I would have no idea what to buy in the yarn dept...

I had wanted to machine quilt a couple quilts but with older daughter moving back home for a bit, I just cannot seem to get in the groove and get things done. She brought her two cats with her, and I already wondered just how I would get a quilt sandwiched with the two cats I had. Now it would be next to impossible.

OH, BTW, the picture that is in the header is one of mine that was scanned in from an old photo! It is one of my favorite pictures! It is in Tennessee from the winter of 1978-79.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Three of the kitties sitting in the window--they love for me to open the window enough for them to sit in it...Mama will get in it and sit or lay stretched out for an hour at a time.

I have been preparing some for tomorrow--I made my homemade noodles, made a pecan and cherry pie, made the deviled eggs and got a start on the potato salad. Also got the bottom layer of my pudding cake made. I do not know what it is with me and pie crusts--I made them for years with no problems and now every time I make one it wants to tear. It is almost impossible for me to get one in the pan without it being torn. They are still flaky and good, but it is frustrating to lose the one art that one has in the kitchen.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I just have to tell that I did 20 big bags of leaves! I am not sure what we are having for supper--we may go out or we may fix something easy. But I don't have the energy to do much.

Just thought I would add pictures of my babies, as well as Mama Cat and their brother. the top one is my Chunky Monkey, followed by Mama Cat. Below her is my Puss Puss aka the Princess aka Miss Priss formerly named Lucy. And below her is my daughter's boy, who we call Bubbie--Bubba with a long e sound on the last instead of the a sound. They all live here now...I think Mama has a chance of becoming the cat she used to be before she was taken to a household with kids that did not recognize they were living things, instead of a toy to just be tossed about.

I am busy this day--I am actually bagging leaves. I thank God that my younger daughter and her husband bought us a leaf blower for our anniversary this year! It is done worth it's weight in gold to me. I still have to use the rake a little bit, but nothing compared to normal. I don't think I will get all done that is out there, but I done have 5 huge garbage bags stuffed as full as they can be. The leaves are slightly damp for the most part and I think they stuff down much better that way!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Was playing around with my photos I took today and cropped one to come up with this. Wouldn't it make the most lovely fabric you could imagine? Be sure and click the image to get the full size and effect!

Every time I go to the main library in Terre Haute, I admire this beautiful red church door.

And the street seen is just one block west of the library and south a couple blocks. I don't think we will have many more opportunities for fall pictures--the leaves are quickly falling now. It makes me think of the John Denver's Poems_Prayers_and_Promises. I love that song and at different times it goes round and round in my mind, but especially in fall I think of it.
This is a link to a video of it...enjoy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Because of things going on within my family, I really don't have the heart to write much or do anything else. Life has a way of throwing you curves. Anyway, I will try to at least post pictures and give you something to look at....and I will eventually get the binding done on my small quilt and take a good picture of it.

Monday, November 12, 2007

This is pictures of bittersweet--it grows along Gap Creek in Tennessee. I spent many days playing in this creek when I was a kid and I do not remember ever seeing this grow there. And I think I would have remembered it--it is so beautiful. And I have always loved things like this.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I just thought I would add some close-up pics from the quilts plus one old everyday strippy quilt that was all did on the machine. These are all some of her last works...I can tell that the quality was slipping a little bit. But they are still beautiful to me!

I am not getting much time to be on-line at all these days...things happening with the family. Things will eventually settle down...I am missing keeping up with things at Quilts Your Way and the Quilt Forum at Seems like any time I try to catch up on what is happening with everyone, I not more than get on the computer till I have to get off.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I will be away from the computer for a few days. I'm not accomplishing much. I am taking my small quilt with me to do the hand sewing on the binding. I like to take something to sew on when I leave. I may have a way to get on-line but not anyway to post pictures. So be prepared when I get back! At least if I have any luck with the weather I should have something to show.
As a parting picture, I leave you this scene from my front door on June 26 of this year! Seems like a lifetime ago.