Monday, January 4, 2016

A bit of this and that

Oldest daughter came one day during the holidays and played with the blocks for her quilt.  She had to lay them on the floor because I do not have a design wall big enough.  Plus she had to design the top in two stages.  The entire quilt will have 7 you can see above there are only 5 rows shown in the first pic.  I took up the first three rows and labeled their position in the quilt....then daughter moved the 4th and 5th row to the top and laid out the rest of the blocks as shown in the pic below...
There were a few changes in the second row from the top if you compare it...I have two rows sewn together. 

Along with this, I started a puzzle...can we say time consuming?  I seldom work a puzzle because it is so hard for me to walk away from them.  I did okay the first couple days, then Lorelei was here Friday night through yesterday didn't work on it then.  I have no good place to just leave it out when she is here.  But today I have worked on it every time I turned around.  While  'on hold', while waiting for this and that.

Which leads to today/this week in general.  Roger goes this Wed for patch testing to try to find what he is allergic to.  They wanted to know what the insurance will pay.  Also, I wanted to sign in to their website...for some reason my password would not had to jump through hoops to do on the phone for at least an hour or more and still did not find out the information I needed.  However, I did find out that it is a covered charge.  Which means we will probably get a reduced price from the $500 but we will have to pay it.  (Deductible)  I am at least thankful that it is a covered charge.

Oh, and he had to go to the doctor today to get a refill on a prescription...has to go back tomorrow for bloodwork...then he goes Wed for the patch testing, back on Friday, and then back next times are ahead.

But what I want to know, do you have trouble working on things when you know you have doctor's appointments ahead.  When I was younger, I could work right up to the time I had to get ready to go.  Whether it was me going for myself or with Roger.    Now, I just almost come to a complete standstill when I know we have a bunch of appointments.