Friday, July 11, 2014

Midwest Heritage quilt show

This was my favorite quilt at the Midwest Heritage Quilt show, held at the Vermilion County Museum in Danville, IL. I did not think to take my other camera with me, so missed having the normal lens.  But still, you are seeing most of it here.  The bigger stars are pieced, with embroidery done on an embroider machine doing the feathers/triamgles along the outside of the stars.  The little stars were embroidered.
The quilting on this was done by machine.  Nevertheless, it was simply out of this world.
As you can see in the above picture, there is even embroidery added to the pieced part of the block...
I just now thought, the quilting might have also been done with the embroidery machine...I wish now I had one of the little booklets about the quilts.
No matter how it was done, it is fabulous and was a lot of work.

There was not a super lot of I did not take a lot of photos.  I want to encourage you to click on these to expand the view.   I will show the rest in another post.