Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Come on over to my pad....

It was a misty day when I took these...the above shows lily pads up at the Heron Viewing Station. It is just amazing to actually see all of them. I think they are gorgeous plans and sure would love to have a way to grow them here.

I do not know the name of the above plant...hoping someone here will tell me. I think I have seen it somewhere on someone's blog but cannot remember the name. It is at the edges of the marshy area up there. The leaves are way bigger than my hand...
These last two photos are of the bloom--before and after it has bloomed.

I cannot seem to get back to posting excuse. I have just simply been being lazy for the most part.

I have been sewing some...I am making a small log cabin quilt. It will either be to use as a table topper or a small lap quilt. It is in reds and off/white tans. I have 16 blocks made and sewn together. Now I have to put borders on it. That will take a while if I stick with my original plan. I have to look and see how much fabric I have left to see if I have enough to follow through. Anyway, I am wanting to get that done...I have plans to give it to one of our daughters. Just hoping she will like it.
One of these days I may have a quilting partner....Lorelei always wants to go down in the basement at least one time when she is here to mess with sewing. She wants to sew but does not have the control to press the foot peddle to sew slow, and it scares her when it sews so fast. (I have control of the fabric when she is pressing on the foot peddle.) So she sits and plays with the pins and likes to clip threads for me.