Thursday, September 29, 2011

Could you sleep like this?

Could you even come close to getting in this position IF you wanted to sleep like this?

This is our Bubbie who I talk about fairly often. I was in here in the dining room and Roger said look at this. I got up and walked over where I could see and here he was all curled around in the basket. BTW, that is a pillow under him. A bed pillow. He is a big boy.

Anyway, Roger started to pet him and I told him to wait a minute...he did not move when I took the photo.

Then tonight the joke was on me...we have a fridge in the garage and we just put our cases of Coke in it and got get a few when we need them. Well, I turned on the light out there and here came Bubbie to go out as I went out. I did not really pay attention to where he went....just made sure he did not run in the garage ahead of me.

I got the Cokes and came strolling back down the walk and he rushed out at me from hiding at the end of the garage...I did not drop the Cokes but I did squeal. I had just totally forgot about him....
I got the fleur de lis all quilted this afternoon/evening. Now to think about what to do to fill up the blank spaces on the outside blocks. I am wanting to get this done till my daughter can have she wants pillowcases made.

After that I have so much I want to do...and am really in the mood to start a new project. I need to do more quilting, though. I have several tops that are waiting their turn for free motion quilting.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another fall day...

Another fall day here in our corner of the has actually been on the cool side all day long. It was overcast most of the day and even got a sprinkle of rain this evening. I stayed inside...I think I was outside just a couple of times.

Other than that and a friend stopping by, I have been quilting on my quilt. Not one single fleur de lis is quilted perfectly...but I am hoping once it is washed the mistakes will not be so noticeable...and really, they don't glare at you now unless you look for them. I have half of them quilted, but then there are 8 blocks that have only 3, and those 8 blocks have one side that I have to design something to fill up the space.

This quilt is made up of two different blocks...and the way I am quilting the fleur de lis...the tip of each fleur de lis fits into the block next to it. That is why only 3 will fit on the 8 blocks on the outside.

I am getting anxious to finish the quilting. I had help this evening...Bubbie came and laid on it the last one I quilted. He was testing it to make sure it meets his approval. It is usually Puss Puss that does the serous testing.

I should go down and mark some more for me to do tomorrow. I am pretty sure it takes as long to mark them as it doees to quilt them.

So, is anyone going to try the Dynamic views with blogger. I tried viewing my blogs with them, and the one thing I noticed was I did not like the comment was the embedded form. But maybe if we actually used one of them, that coudl be changed. There was so much about it that I had questions about I am waiting to see someone else use it. But to be truthful, I was not crazy about any of the views.

And does anyone else ever have times where they follow someone, but they don't get the new posts? I have that happen every now and then with first one person and then another. Then the other morning, I signed in and none of the blogs I followed were there! Talk about having my heart sink for just a few seconds....but I hit the refresh button and they showed up. Thank God for that simple fix.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Getting creative...

Sarah had a baby shower to go to this weekend...the baby's room is going to be done in birds. She decided as part of her gift to paint another gourd birdhouse. I think this is gorgeous! I just took a couple quick snaps of it while she was here.
Below is my work.
Or at least the beginning. It takes as long to mark the fleur de lis as it does to sew them..or almost.
I am using a variegated/multicolored thread. It is a personal choice. I was not sure I would like it so did a sample first and I really like that it shows up. Part of what shows here is the pencil marking...hoping it comes out in the wash as it always did for my mom.

There are other markers out there, but am always afraid I won't get chalk, if it came off easy, then afraid it would get brushed off before I got the quilting done. And there is a blue marker...kind of like a magic have to get it out with plain cold water first, but have heard some people say that the marks come back. So, didn't want to try that for that reason, but sure would have liked it for others. The pencil markings are so hard to see...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Going to be here in a minute

Her mommy just called from a nearby town...she did not want to eat this morn...wanted to come to Mamaw's house! We on the other hand, have been counting the days. And it was only last weekend that we saw her.

Friday, September 23, 2011


We were out and about today...stopped by the orchard. I was on a mission...hoping to find Jonalicious apples. Roger had never tasted one but had heard me talk of them. He has a new favorite apple now! They are simply wonderful...sweet and tart and the juice just runs! Not supposed to be good for baking, but who cares. They are just a wonderful eating apple. And yes, they are a cross between a Jonathan and a Red Delicious apple. And no, I don't like Red Delicious...even when I worked at the orchard, I could not eat them. If I was test tasting them, I took a bite to see if the sugar was coming in to them, but spit it out, most of the time. And if I wanted an apple to eat, I would get down and go find another variety.


used the term flurry the other day to describe something...and since then I cannot get it out of my mind totally. So, out at the strip pits the other day while I was looking through my camera lens trying to decide what kind of water fowl these were, they took flight and I snapped a photo. It isn't the greatest but I like the feel of action that it gives. And I love the yellow in the background.
These yellow flowers are every place you look...I think they are a type of coreopsis...but please feel free to correct me. I was hoping to find butterflies or dragonflies on my last vist but all that seemed to be stirring were some bee/bee type insects. I saw one dragonfly and that was it.
Anyway, the flowers blow in the wind till it is near impossible to get a really good shot of them. That and the fact that I just cannot seem to capture their full beauty no matter what.
And every time I see them, I think of a song by Coldplay and wonder if these yellow flowers everywhere are God's version of the song Yellow...

Thursday, September 22, 2011


We had to run to Walmart last night. We decided to run through the strip pits first....not much was moving except grasshoppers. I stopped to get a picture and Roger pecked on the window. The praying mantis had landed on the windshield.

The photo below is from when Mary and I were out there...the yellow flowers were and are just everywhere. They are so bright and cheerful.

But seems I just cannot capture all their glory.
I am trying to sew a little...I actually made a sample quilt sandwich yesterday and quilted my first fleur de was not too bad. It could have been better of course, but but was not as bad as I was afraid it would be. So, I proceeded to mark a few on the actual quilt. The first three were along the edge of the quilt and not too bad.

Then I did two more late...I decided to quit till I was not so tired. Just a little bit disappointed in those but hoping once it is washed that they don't look so bad.

And all the time I was trying to mark them, Puss Puss was trying her best to help. All my quilts are Kitty Tested, Cat Approved.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A year ago...from Georgia

First of all, let me tell you that this is the Appling County Courthouse of Georgia...they are drive-bys, not such great images...but still wanted to show it.
A year ago we were in Georgia on this date...
we went down to see our daughter graduate from some training...
It was just the start another huge change for us...

She was home for just a very few days and headed to the west coast...

Lorelei and her mommy and daddy had moved two hours east of us almost a month before....
at least we can see them fairly often.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Photographs and memories...

I have been sitting off and on all day long looking at photographs...originally looking for something for inspiration to blog about. Looking for photos from home. Instead I kept pausing at all the kitty photos...
especially the ones of Puss Puss and Cougar II....I have never seen any two cats closer than those two were.
They were always piled up together, whether in playing or in rest and relaxation.

I lost Cougar just a bit back...and I still really miss him. So it has been bittersweet seeing all the photos of him. It also made me wonder if Puss Puss misses him at all...when Bubbie and Mama Cat came to live with us, their closeness seemed to come to a halt....we would just occasionally catches glimpses of them being like they were the first few months we had only them. But only on rare occasions.

I wonder if anyone else feels as I do about photography...I know since digital cameras I take a gazillion pictures compared to what I took with film. Just because of economical reasons. Whether I blogged or not, I would still want to go on photography trips every chance I got. I feel compelled to capture things...things as they are now as well as to capture things that are about to pass away. I want to leave a record of our time.

The one thing I have trouble doing is capturing people in an everyday environment. That is the one thing I really need to focus on. A hundred years from now, I wonder if our blogs will still be here...and will people be looking at our photographs with the same rapt attention I look at old photos now.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

No longer a baby

We went to see 'that mean old baby' who is no longer a baby and of course, she never was is just something her papaw used to say. He would look at me and say I wonder what that mean old baby is doing...or he would asked if I wanted to go see that mean old baby. Even though we seen her last weekend, it just wasn't enough to last.

She is all into spiders now, and finding spider well as playing wolf with the little girl Sarah babysits. And sometimes Otto is the wolf....the two girls ran circle after circle in the yard Friday. We got tired just watching them.
The Colts are playing...I have got to sit here and cheer for them. I am going to try to catch up with everyone during commercials....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Special day...

Any day we see an eagle we consider a good day...well, imagine how special it is to see two eagles with a blog friend!!! I have been visiting Mary of Faith, Fabric, and Photos blog almost since I first began blogging. We have wanted to get together for along time, but things kept happening on my end that prevented it when it should have been so easy.

So today, her husband had to be up this way...she emailed me to see if it was convenient, while apologizing for such short notice. Well, for us, short notice is almost always best.

We talked, and laughed, and showed each other our quilts....I even showed her the part of our basement where I do my sewing. And let me tell you, that takes nerve, cause it isn't very pretty down there.
But it serves its purpose.

After that, we headed out to the strip pits...the first thing we saw an eagle up high. The first time I glimpsed it, the way it turned I saw the sunlight reflect off the white tail feathers...I took pictures but I had forgot to reset my ISO and shutter speed so they are not good at all...see the photo below. It will enlarge, but let me tell you, it is hardly worth it.
Then right as we left the strip pits, we spotted the eagle in the first photo...we only had just a few seconds to snap a couple it was turning away from us.

I think we are both hoping this is the first in a lot of visits...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not much to say...

First, a picture from a couple years ago...a sunrise as we traveled north. I think heading to Mackinaw City, Michigan. I didn't have anything new to show, so thought I would use this.

It has been cloudy and overcast all day, with a few sprinkles thrown in for good measure. I had to let a kitty in a little bit ago and it is down right chilly out there. There is not doubt fall is here. I don't think we will have any more of the extreme hot weather.

I am getting in the mood to really get busy and finish quilting my daughter's quilt. I did finish the binding the other night. Now I have to decide how to transfer the other quilting design to the quilt so the quilting can be finished.

And since I don't have anything interesting to say...I will leave you with the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band....I heard them a couple weeks ago on one of the PBS shows and fell in love with the song Night Prayer...this video also includes a second song that I like almost as well. I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vigo County Courthouse

As we came home from the family reunion the other day, the sky was overcast...I grabbed these shots of the courthouse...
it is a beauty. But I see it so often, I fail to notice it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

In the doghouse....childhood memory

Well, actually, I am sitting a few minutes here and a few there...doing laundry and hanging it out to dry....trying to think of a picture to go with what I want to tell about but don't really have any. I took this picture of this log cabin a few days ago. And we are wondering what is going to happen to has a new roof, but doesn't look too well cared for otherwise. I would give anything to have it...I would love it so!
Now to the story behind the title of this post. I have a niece whose dad was in the Air Force...she is a few years younger than me, maybe 3-4 or 5 years younger...cannot really think and too lazy to go look it up. Due to places her dad got stationed/things he had to do, there were a couple or three times in her life when she lived near us, and one time they even stayed with us a short while. I think her dad was going to some sort of schooling at that time.

Anyway, we were close back then. We would roam the hills, play in the barn, play I Spy,
and she is the one that played in the hallway at home that I mentioned here...I cannot even think of all we done. But we did a lot...

Now my oldest brother was/is a coon he had coon dogs. I am not sure which dog it was, but he built him a heck of dog house. It was probably at least 40 inches wide and even longer than that. It was built for a dog to stay warm in. It had a peak roof...from floor to peak of roof was probably at least 30-35 inches....and I think the walls were about 24. You got to understand I am seeing this through a teen-ager's eyes...not real sure of the measurements.

Anyway, he built it and for the longest time, none of the dogs would even use it. They had rather lay on the ground. So my niece and I used it. We could just barely fit through the door...had to get down and crawl in....

Well, I am not sure where we got the candles, but we would have a candle or two in there, and we would have crackers. We would toast the crackers over the open flame and kind of scorch it. At that time, I had a huge wart on my left hand...I would hold the candle till the hot, melted wax would drip and cover that wart. Hoping to kill it I guess. Or I would sit and pick at that wart and we would just talk...maybe even try to read.

Well, we had made a trip to the neighbor's dump on his farm...I suppose he was trying to fill in that ravine. It was just their own private place to throw junk. We found a shiny, gold trophy. We took that home with us. We thought it was made of this day that is sort of embarrassing cause I was old enough to know better.

Well, I don't know if it was that day, or another day, but of course we had the bright idea of using it as a candle holder in the dog house. And we were in there, had the candle going, and just stuffing our mouth as full of crackers as we could...stuff you might expect from a boy but not from girls.

The trophy was not made of metal---it was plastic.  The candle burned down to below the rim, and it caught on fire! We could not blow it out because all we could blow was a few cracker crumbs. No room for air in a mouth stuffed with crackers! This was bad. I grabbed it and headed out the door with it...of course I had to get down and crawl....I remember us bursting out of it and after we got out, we just died laughing....and of course we never told our moms. I am not even sure if I ever told mine later in life.

It is a wonder some of us weren't killed...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Don't forget the books!

We were gone today...we had a little family reunion today...there are four sisters plus one brother that lives in Indiana...and two brothers live in Tennessee. We decided to meet at Spring Mill State Park in southern you can see by the above photo there was a chance of rain. Lucky for us, all we had was a few sprinkles.

One brother and his wife came up from Tennessee, and the rest of us, minus one met there before noon. I got up and made enchiladas this morn, while Roger loaded the Rav with the other goodies, and we were out the door by 8:30....but it was still close to noon before we got down there. We did get behind a tractor for a while in the rolling hills down that way. After a bit we were able to pass and continue on our way.

Sarah and Lorelei were able to come....and some other nieces and niece I had not seen in years and years. We all sat and talked and laughed...and talked some more...and discussed books and returned books, and laughed about things that had happened.

Lorelei was a little shy at first...she would not even come with me after she seen all the others...she eventually got over it. She wanted Sarah to come to Mamaw's house, but Sarah did not bring clothes for her....but I keep hearing 'want to go to Mamaw's house' over and over in my mind.

How wonderful to be loved by her...

And how wonderful to have family. To feel that secure love, of knowing that you are accepted just as you are, with all your faults and funny ways. Wonderful to have someone that knows your history...that shares the same genes as you.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Morning glories

Someone fixed a spot of beauty in their yard...morning glories.

Down home when I was a kid, they grew everywhere...and a lot of years, if not all years, mom also had them growing at the end of the front porch. I don't know if she planted them or if they just came up.

I don't know if it is still the same way now, but they were always in our garden and in the tobacco patches. They just seemed to want to grow everywhere. At least they are pretty...and hummingbirds like them.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pulling fence posts....

NOTE: this is not us...just a you tube video
We have been taking down a section of old fence between the house and the garage. I think that was about 6 fence posts....and this is the method we used. Our posts were in the ground farther, but it worked like a charm.

The chain is wrapped around the post down close to the ground, the tire is placed in front of the post and the chained pulled up over it and over to the hitch on the truck. Roger held the chain in place over the tire while I eased and took the slack out. When it was tight on it, Roger moved away and I put the pedal to the medal and out they popped.

One gave us trouble, and we had to leave it while we removed the rest of the posts...then when we could pull from a different direction it popped right out, too. It was in the ground at least 3 feet.

It was so heavy Roger had to use the chainsaw and cut it into pieces to load it in the truck. When he started that just cannot imagine how it was music to my ears. And the smell! Brought back so many happy memories of working at the orchard. I remember at first being so afraid of cutting out stuff, afraid I was hurting the trees...then it got till I felt like an artist at work pruning and cutting out branches.

Other than sometimes being out in the bitter cold, I did like pruning. Actually I liked almost everything I did there...except making cider. And even that was just the noise...the job itself was not bad.

Anyway, we are glad to have it this job done...not sure what I am putting back, if anything. It is another job for another day.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interesting skies...

The sky has really been interesting the past few days....this was taken yesterday. I never tire of looking to see what is going on when the sky is like this. I actually waste a lot of time going to the door to look out or looking out the windows.
To those of you who have asked about Lorelei, she is feeling better. She is still on antibiotics...has a few more days of them left.

She started feeling better just in a day or two after starting them. As you read the following, keep in mind that she does not take naps now, and still will want to stay up till 9:00 sometimes. I think it was about the second night after she started the antibiotics, she came and got her mom's hand and said 'Tickle my Back!' and started leading her down the hallway to her room. Oh, I guess I should tell you, that we always rub/tickle her back just a few minutes when we put her to bed.

Roger asked me who started that....I don't know if it was me or Sarah. When Sarah was little and felt bad, she liked for me to do her face just real lightly with a finger or two...and I know I have always did Lorelei's face and back, but more her back....but I think her mommy has, too.

Anyway, her daddy was up by then, but still had time before he had to work. (he works nights--10:00 p.m/ -10:00 a.m.) Anyway, she stopped to hug him goodnight, and he told her she didn't have to go to bed yet. It was not even dark! She just insisted on Sarah going down the hallway with her, she got in her bed and had Sarah tickle her back about 10 seconds, and told her that was enough, and went on to sleep and slept till 8:30 the next morn, and was only up once during the night.

So, she is doing better with rest also.
We ran out to the orchard and I got apples to make a pie for Roger this evening...I have not even tasted it yet. I really like to have vanilla ice cream to with I have been holding off.

It was an absolutely glorious day here today...hoping we have several more of them to come.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Another view

I posted a photo taken from a different angle here at Time Stand other blog. I would love to be able to get a photo from this side without all the wires, etc. But this was just a drive-by on our way north. I still cannot imagine going to a high school that looks like this.
It is kind of overcast here today....I have been sitting here catching glimpses of leaves as they fall or are blown along. I think we are headed for a short fall season, but hope I am wrong. We had a little bit of rain night before last but not enough to make a difference. I guess the farmers can use the dry weather to get their crops in.

All the corn is either already turned brown or starting to turn...but the soy beans are still green for the most part. I think because the rain in the spring slowed their planting.

Here at home, the tomatoes are about at an end...there is enough to eat and that is about it. The plus side of that is that they are still delicious. In years past, at the end of some seasons they have been watery and flavorless. I think it had to do with the amount of rain. Whatever the reason, I am so glad to be able to enjoy them. And I sort of wonder what I am going to do when they are gone.

Yesterday I did the first round of sewing of the binding on the quilt...but did not start the hand sewing part of it. I love to do that when I have good shows on TV to watch/listen to. Lately, there are just so few things we like to watch. Maybe tonight will be least football season is starting soon!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bubbie in a basket

A little bit of history first. Lorelei's cat, Diesel, is always stealing Otto's Lorelei's mom got this big basket and put a cushion or blanket or something in for Diesel to sleep in. Did Diesel appreciate the effort...not at all. But he will sometimes sleep in a box that is laying on its side...but for the most part he still prefers Otto's bed.

So, Sarah gave me the basket...I put an old pillow in it and Bubbie and Puss Puss both love it....
Above is Sleeping Beauty sleeping Bubbie....
ahhhh, stretccchhhhhh.....that feels good....
Then he gives me this look....what the heck are you staring at?

What an end to the day

We took off on a rambling drive today looking for a barn a friend told us luck with it but did find several other beauties. They were not the highlight of our day though.

On our way home we decided to check out Wabashiki FWA in Vigo County...actually right on the edge of West Terre Haute. I have never seen so many blue herons and egrets in one place...all with no way to get close enough to get a decent photo. I encourage you to click on the above just to see all the herons...but don't expect the quality of the photo itself to improve.

The photo above does not even begin to tell the whole story...this is right off a busy highway. before we got to the spot to pull off, there were small ponds of water on either side of the highway and the birds were standing almost shoulder to shoulder. On one side was more herons and on the other were more egrets. And no place at all to pull off to take a photograph. And back just a bit from these ponds of water....which actually could be backwaters from the Wabash River...but just a few hundred feet were some trees. In those we saw two juvenile bald eagles...we could tell by looking through Roger's spotter scope and my lens.

We drove around to find another entrance, and we did but seen a kid there who was from Texas but going to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. We talked to him he thought there was something wrong with the place...he took us and showed us. No herons or birds of any kind, and the stench was almost unbearable. The pond of water was definitely more than mudhole, but still not great big. Dead fish were all along the bank...and fish were hitting the top of the water constantly. Roger thinks they were dying from lack of oxygen.

Oh, well, what an end to the day....I could not get that smell out of my head till I came home and took a shower.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where has the time gone...

The above photo was taken two years ago on this day....and the one below was taken a month ago today. It is hard to believe she has changed so much.
But she still has that big, beautiful smile.
Lorelei has another cold...this is the third one in about as many months. Her temperature went up to 103ยบF yesterday sometime and was still up this morning so Sarah took her to the doctor. Keep in mind she has had her mommy up down the past two or three nights till she has not gotten much sleep. They pulled into the parking lot and Lorelei said, "Mommy, I tired." Sarah said, 'So you're tired?' And Lorelei said, "yes, I don't want to see the doctor."

So, Sarah said well, can we go in and tell him we are not going to see him...Lorelei says "Oh, okay." So he seen her and went ahead and give her an antibiotic since she still had the temperature this morn.

Then this evening, well before dark, she wanted her mommy to come tickle her back...she likes that as she goes to sleep. So, Sarah asks "You want your back don't want to eat a salad with me?" No, she wanted her back tickled. She went and told her dad good-night, and went and got in her bed. Sarah turned the light off and tickled her back about ten seconds and she told Sarah that was enough...

It isn't even dark wasn't dark by the time Sarah called me, even. I am hoping they both get a good night's sleep.
I have been sewing off and on all afternoon and evening. I am doing some of the quilting on my oldest daughter quilt. So far, so good. I tried to stop and take breaks but it is hard to when things are going okay. I did diagonal quilting...all the diagonal quilting I had planned, but not so sure about it now. Almost thinking it might need more. Though she don't want it quilted real close.

I am thinking about putting the binding on next till I can trim the edges off and remove some of the bulk. There isn't a lot to cut off, but every little bit will help. And I love doing the binding anyway. It is already made, so wouldn't take too terrible long to get it done. I could do the first round of sewing in an hour or two...the part where I sew it on with the sewing machine. The part where I flip it to the back and sew it down by hand will take several hours.

It feels so wonderful to be doing something a little bit creative...I need to make the effort do do something every day.