Friday, January 21, 2011


This was taken yesterday...I know it is a mess with all the cluttered background. I meant to get out and try to take some better ones but never got around to it. The birds were out there all day long....all kinds. There were a couple pair of cardinals, nuthatches, chickadees, woodpeckers, finches, sparrows, and starlings. I heard a blue jay once, but did not see it.

I think they must have known today was coming...they worked steadily all day long at filling their little there has only been the occasional bird. I would like to know where the others are. Do they have some place they go that is not as cold as others? It is a real puzzle.

Yesterday I tried to keep the cats inside till the birds could eat their fill without fear....but when the cats do get out, they are not very smart. They get right under the feeder and sit and wait. Occasionally a bird will come and the cat will jump. I am thankful that the cats are so dumb that they don't try to hide.

Today has been bitter cold...the house has had a chill all day and I don't have the thermostat is just so cold that it seeps in. The cats go out, only to turn around and come back in in about 5 minutes...and sometimes they go out one door, go straight to the other one and want back in. The joys of owning cats!