Monday, December 28, 2009

Remembering last Christmas

Before you even look at the pictures below, I hope you will go here and here. That was what was happening with our Bubbie last year. As our Christmas came and went this year, I could not help but compare it to last Christmas. Last year I would be fine one minute, and the next my heart would just be breaking. All because of this fellow. And I had the music from above playing on my blog during that time...though I love it, it sure brings back bittersweet memories for me.
This is the way he sleeps most of the time. In fact his mom and brother also sleep like this, but not as much of the time as he does.
Before his accident, he never, ever sat with me or really wanted my attention unless it was to wake me up so I would let him outside. Now, he comes and sets with me sometimes when I am watching TV, or comes and curls up against me in the wee hours of the morn. I definitely feel like he knows we saved his life....and he is not even a jerk with his brother and sister. Before the accident, he drove them crazy with tackling them and wrestling with them. Now he seldom attempts anything.

And you can't even tell that anything was ever wrong with him. He is still curious, and loves to find an open cabinet door, or any door for that matter that isn't normally open. Roger does call him the Court Jester....
I have been trying to decide on a new sewing project and spending a lot of time trying to make a decision. When I could not make a decision, I finally went down and just started cutting squares. Big squares at that...when I think I have enough cut, I will start to sew them together. I am in the mood to sew!

And to read. Lately, I have acquired several books....most of them things you probably have never heard of. Right now, I am reading Outlasting the Trail: The Story of a Woman's Journey West. This is considered a work of fiction, but it is inspired and based on true events. I can tell it is one I am not going to want to put down.

Cold, winter weather is always a good time to read. I told Roger, if I didn't have such good new books awaiting me, I would be tempted to read Long Knife by James Alexander Thom. And I might just read it anyway.

A good time was had by all

I am not sure if I mentioned before, but we did our Christmas yesterday....the day after. It makes it so much easier on Lorelei. She has so many people to visit, that it is more fun to wait and just have her the day after. It is easier on her mommy and daddy, too, because she is in a much better mood.
She was just a happy little girl yesterday, and kept us all entertained. Just busy all the time. She has to check out Shelby every so often....and that is okay as long as Shelby knows she is coming....not that she would hurt Lorelei on purpose, but she does not hear anything at all...and Lorelei does not cause enough vibration in the floor to warn if she is startled she jumps up. And then there is the possibility of her stepping on Lorelei.
As you can probably tell by these last two photos, she is a born mom. She is just so gentle with Lorelei.
We finally got some snow today....we have been having flurries the past few days but it never amounted to more than a skim of snow. Now we have 3 inches, or maybe 4. Believe it or not, we went to Terre Haute this morn, thinking it was only going to be flurries again. I took my camera with me.

On the way home, I mentioned going by Green Valley, just to see. It snowed harder and harder for a while, and everything was slick as could be. We were on country roads so only passed 3 or 4 cars...nothing was happening at Green Valley. We did not see anything moving at all, so continued on in a round about way that we have went before. We finally saw a flock of turkeys that were too far away to even attempt to photograph.
This is when it first began to really see a bit more be sure and visit my other blog. We did make it home safe and sound, glad to get here. We had leftovers--always the best part of holiday meals.