Monday, October 1, 2007


I finally finished this today and it is on its way to Tennessee to my best friend who is also my sister-in-law. It is my first attempt at something small and artsy...I still had to plan everything. I can start a quilt and just wing it, but with this I had to get bits and pieces from different books I have. Anyone can draw a pumpkin, but I traced these instead! I get all tense inside when I actually go to do something. But just sitting down there I can do okay when I am just doodling on paper. Maybe if I do more of it, I will get more free.

I made a big pot of chili for supper. I have eaten entirely too much. I love soups--particularly my own! Though I have yet to taste a chili I didn't like. I never measure anything when making chili or vegetable soup or potato soup. I do kind of go by my recipe for broccoli tastes like no other I have ever tasted. And once I made it, no other has ever satisfied me. I found the recipe on the web years ago, and altered it a little bit.