Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Having a good time...

Just a few scenes showing evidence of Lorelei having a good time...

She had to have this umbrella...she was still playing with it when she got home.

She always liked to watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when younger...not that she is old by any means....

How's that for a smiling face! When at home, a lot of time her mom just strips off her clothes till done. I think that is a good idea.
I sure am not getting much done today...I have went down to sew and can't decide what to sew. Mainly because what I want to sew on, I need something else. And since Walmart doesn't carry much in the sewing department, I have to wait till I am in Joann's...I actually got something yesterday at a quilt store....but then decided I want to make some else which leaves me needing other supplies. But after while I may just go makes something or decide on a different way. I am usually pretty good at getting by.

It has been a beautiful day here...not too hot to sit on the porch and would have been a beautiful day to go take photos. We may go do that tomorrow...not sure. In all the time I have been away from blogging, I still have not been out much to take photos.

I have tried to catch up on a few blogs...and sat here and snapped photos of birds. Just really been a lazy day for me.