Monday, June 9, 2008

A few views after the flooding...

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We are starting on my husband's first full week of retirement. It still has not sunk in that he is not on vacation or something. He stayed very busy the first few days he was off. On one of the days last week, one of the 'bosses' asked Rachel what she thought her dad would think if they called him in to work...I forget what was broken/not working, but they were missing him.
However, he has missed a lot of excitement by being retired...his former place of employment almost lost their new powerhouse. They sandbagged the place today, and also hired someone with a backhoe to dig a big drainage ditch around the powerhouse. They also had to lock down because they lost the alarms on the fence.
We mowed the yard this morn--I did most of it while he repaired our outside light fixtures. There was a little bit of the yard left to do, and I have had a stupid cold or allergies or something, till I just let him finish. He feels weird with me mowing the yard, but the only time I haven't mowed the yard was during the last few years I worked. So I feel weird if I don't mow it.

After doing that, and a couple household chores we decided to go get a bite to eat. I took my camera 'just in case.' And walked outside and immediately knew I was going to be happy to have it along. We wanted to go on a drive in a nearby county, but I was not sure the roads were open...the paper said they were closed unless for emergency. And I firmly believe in staying out of the way when so much else is going on.
So instead we went for a little drive near here...and these are pictures of some that I saw....for one thing, the only brick road I know of. You can tell that the water was up and over it by looking at the plants laid down by the flow of water. This is not a place I see when it rains, so don't know if this is normal or out of the ordinary.

But I feel confident that the fields had been planted, and I think they are a loss. Poor farmers. There is all that expense of seed, etc. plus all the time it took to get the crops in the ground. So much time and labor lost.