Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We pass this barn when we go north to Willow Slough...we are always going about 65 mph, and there is just no way to get a good shot of it.  The ends have the Purdue University symbol and the front has the Indiana University symbol.  Wonder what it is like in that house when the two play each other during basketball or football season?
It is bright and sunny here today.  I am actually thinking it looks like it will stay this way all day but I would not bet on it.  Not sure what the day will hold for me...it would be a good day to get out some.  I need to make a Walmart run, but not sure I will even do that.  It would also be a good day to hang a load of laundry outside.

I need to decide how to do the quilting on a baby quilt...it is layered and pin basted and waiting on the quilting.  I even have the binding made.  It is just those pesky little decisions about how I want to do something that slows me down.

No matter what I decide to do, I am definitely going to enjoy seeing sunshine for more than a few minutes.