Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A little update

I almost did an update this morn but thought I would wait and see  how the day goes...Roger seems none the worse for wear.  He got up feeling better and sure looked better through his eyes.   He has napped a tiny bit but nothing like yesterday.   He still says he cannot describe how he felt yesterday.

I have a little funny to tell...I forgot to tell this I think.  A few nights ago, the TV was on and there was that commercial for Life Alert where the woman is laying on the floor and saying, "HELP!  I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Roger looked at me and said, 'Help!  I've fallen and I think I'll just stay here cause it feels so good!"  I started laughing and he went on and on, but I cannot remember what all he said.

I hope you all are having a good week...

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

A finish

I finished this today...keep in mind it was only 750 pieces.  And it was an easy one.  As Karen mentioned in her comment on my post yesterday, I don't do the border first.  Well, seldom any more.  I think I have did one, possibly two doing the borders first in the past few years.  The first time I saved the border till last was just to see if I could do see if it would be any harder.

What I found was that it is not a bit harder.  Notice how the sections are worked in the photo below...and then look up above and how they fit together.

I could move them around so much easier without the borders being on.  And I don't think I have ever worked one where I haven't ended up needing to move at least one worked section.  Even when I tried to work them in the area I thought they were supposed to be...

Roger is done laying down...he laid down about 9:00 p.m....he does not feel good at all.  He had been sleeping in his recliner off an on all evening.  He isn't running a temperature.  I do not know what to think.  And with his stroke, he has a hard time telling how he feels bad.  It is almost more stress than he can stand to try to tell me.  He just says it hits in waves.  It has been a while since he has had a time like this.  I hope and pray that he gets up feeling better tomorrow.  He got up earlier than normal yesterday  and I think a bit earlier today.    So I don't know if he is extra tired or what.  Keep him in your prayers please. 

Monday, January 27, 2020

Just a few bits...

I finally gave in last night sometime about 11:00 p.m. and got the got out this puzzle and set up to start it...

It is so hard for me to do anything other than work on it.  I have to just get up and allow myself to find a few pices...3-4-5, and then go on and do what needs to be done.    And I may pass by it again a bit later and do the same thing.  But it takes every bit of will power I have to not just stop everything and work on it.  LOL

Daughter came from St. Louis Saturday for us to sew.  I won't show what we worked on till it is done.    But, she had been to one of her local quilt shops that was having a sale...and she brought me these:

First three more oranges for my leaves...and I LOVE them all.

I am showing two photos of the dark version of this print till you can see all the animals....

She also got some in the other color

I am not sure what I will do with them.  But they feel like such good fabric...

At long last the guys came at the end of last week and did the last of the repairs from the hail damage of May of last year.  We have a deductible of course....I don't think one can get insurance that doesn't have a deductible.  So we owe...we have not received the bill yet.  I am so tempted to give them the run-around like they have done us.   I have come up with a dozen ways to put off paying them, but I just want to be done with them.

I don't know if I told about when they came to do the guttering on our garage, they guy they sent told me he didn't know why they wanted it replaced.  That he could not see anything wrong with it.  Did I want him to go ahead and do it.  And he tried to make me feel it would hurt the garage structurally.  I told him to do it.

Now, do you think he would have given the insurance company back their money if I had told them to leave it the way it was?  I don't think so...they would have pocketed it too quick to talk about and went on their merry way.

So, the other day they had two pieces of siding to replace.  I told Roger I wanted to be here, but being that they never have come early I ran Roger to McDonalds, and we hurried.  We came home and they were here.  A guy I had never met...he came and said he was here from 'the company' and said he was here to replace the piece of siding.  I said, no there are two.  He said he only saw I had to take him and show him.  It was a hole in the siding almost 2 inches in diameter!  If I had not been here, there would still be that one that was not done.  One of the pieces really looks lighter than the others...but don't know if it was the way the light hit it and the other one was maybe dirtier.

Anyway,  when the guys had did the guttering on the garage, they had put a new piece on the end of the old one-car garage.  When the guy got up on top to clear the gutters...he noticed that one of the downspouts was not connected.  They had just stuck it against the bottom of the gutter and you would not notice.  So, these guys were to fix that, too.  He tried to convince me that it only needed the one downspout...but I made him fix it anyway.

This was a nightmare from start to finish.  Even if that piece of siding is off color, I am almost beyond dealing with this outfit any more.  I am telling our insurance how things have been from the start.

That is it from my little corner of the does feel good that I don't have that weight hanging over me any more.  I hope you all are having a nice week.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A few more...

I am in the process of getting more leaves ready to applique..I still need to count and see how many I have already appliqued.  I have no number in mind that I want to do..   I do want it big enough to snuggle under.  But that may be it.  I have no idea how many oranges I have. But several.  Fabrics will be repeated.

Every time I see a new orange fabric I buy some.  And one I have bought twice.  I did not remember buying it the first time.  I have this one orange fabric that will be hard for me to is just so pretty.

I have had some stuff going on that has had me one thing taken care of only to have something else come up last Friday.  I thought I heard the furnace making a funny noise, but then no.  I didn't hear it.  Then I heard was only at the behinning of the heating cycle.  Lasted maybe a minute or two.  Besides worrying me, it also got on every last nerve I had.  I went down and seemed to come from the humidifier.

I came up and turned the humidistadt  to zero... and called heating & air...they could not be here until Monday.  I unplugged the did not completely stop making a noise but it was a lot less annoying...not so loud.   And Roger went down and I heard him hit something.  The noise completely stopped soon after that.

The guy came Monday and could find nothing wrong at did not make a peep when he plugged it back in and forced the furnace to blow.    I had him replace the filter while he was here.  I really liked him...felt like he was honest.  And did not feel at all worried about theft.

After all the mess with the repairs from the hail damage, I did not know if I would ever feel trust again. 

Just going to leave you with a little something is old but every young person I have ever showed it to thought it was funny.

We still watch it every so often and I still imitate Jim saying 'Slow Down.'

Saturday, January 18, 2020

I hope you enjoy this half as much as I do

Lorelei busting a move...about 6 years ago from the best I could tell:

This old video popped up on my facebook made me laugh then and still does.  Her sheer joy at living.  That is her dad playing her drums in the background.  He played trumpet in band...but no training on drums.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Do you do this...

Do you save change?  If you have, have you always?   Mom always had a dime bank, and I did always give her my dimes.  But I did not become a change saver till around 1981-2.  And I have never stopped.  At first it was just dimes.

At some point it morphed into saving all change.  At first I just threw it all in one bank.  And I  had an actual bank to begin with...I remember taping across the plug to keep it from falling out.  And I remember shaking and shaking to get the change out.

So my next question is, do you separate your change if you save it?  At some point I started taking old jars, making a slit in the lids, and they became my banks.

I don't mind cashing in fact right now I have 4 full jars I should cash in.  But I like to keep the silver coins.   It gives a whole new spin to the phrase 'cold, hard cash.'


I have did three more of these leaves...I added a few more that I had already done.  I need to take time and put them all on the design wall. One thing apparent here is the big polka-dot ones really stand out.  I forget what famous quilter said if a certain fabric stands out like a sore thumb, to just add more...that it will recede and become part of the background.

I know one thing for sure, I like dots. Circles.  I have thought about doing a circles quilt at some point.  I really would like to do that.

I need to settle down and watch the new/weather...hope you all have a good day tomorrow.

Monday, January 13, 2020

A bit here and there

I haven't touched them in several days...but I did 5 or 6 of these last weeks....IF I could only have the discipline to do one a day...or so many per week...I would soon have enough for at least a small quilt.  I am not sure if I am going to sew them together like this, or I might put a small sashing between the blocks with cornerstones.

I have a question for you...can you always an concentrate on a real wordy blogpost?  There are some days I just have to go back and  re-read when I can concentrate.  I think that is just me.  I don't remember being this way when I first started blogging.

Do you ever read other's comments on a post to try to get an idea of what to say?  I do every now and then...but I am more apt to make a comment and see that someone else has already said it. 

Sometimes just for fun I got to Sandra's Mad Snapper blog and read posts that include Bob.  I sit and read them and always end up laughing so hard that Roger does not know if I am upset or crying with laughter.  Even before his stroke.  I just read THIS ONE about how much she talks and tears were streaming from laughing so hard.

Anyway, she always tells things they have said and what the other thought was said, I thought I would tell one I shared with her last fall:

I had just let Bubbie inside....he had not been outside very long, but he loves me and came in talking to me....and he actually herds me till I stop and pet him.  I had to walk on into the dining room for something and told Roger as I passed, "Watch him get my seat."  He does that a lot if I have been sitting in it and get up, he runs and jumps in it and lays down.

Well, here came Roger and said, "You want me to do your feet?  What do you want me to do to your feet?"

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

It's snowing....

Snowing geese that is...

I put some more over on my other blog.

The ones below could have been better.

In the bright light if I am out of the car, I cannot see my screen to really see whether I am in focus or even what I am shooting.

They were here and there and everywhere.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

A bit of chit chat

Isn't Snoopy cute?  Every time I look at him I get a smile on my face and in my heart!  My sister (in-law) got him for me... that pincushion is round.  I have been looking for just the right thing to put it in till it doesn't roll around and this is perfect.  And I get to see it every time I am in my sewing room and a lot of times in between.

I have not worked on the orange leaves in a while.  I forget how many I appliqued when I first started.  But I had more to baste to the background gray fabric and so got those done but have not started applique part yet.

How are you adjusting to the holidays being over?  The past few days have been good for me, though I did spend most of Thursday sleeping.  Did you notice that I had very few words with those pics of Bubbie?  That was cause I just did not want to admit to what I had done.  But might as well admit it;  everyone needs a lazy day ever now and then...I had slept Wednesday night in my chair, got up at 5:30....I cannot remember if I laid down in the bed for a few minutes or if I stayed up and give Roger his meds.  Other than being up a couple times, I slept the day away till sometime after 3:00, and I did not have trouble going to sleep that night.  I even went to bed about midnight, which is way earlier than is normal for me.
I got in my closet yesterday and weeded out a few things, and rearranged some others.  Are you like me and keep clothes till you wear them out?  I hate to admit how old some of my shirts/tops are.  One finally started fraying around the neck...I think it was 9 years old.  What is funny, I don't know if anyone would notice it...the rest of it looks good.  And it is so comfortable...and is cotton.

Then I have a favorite shirt that buttons up the front.  It has a collar that is fraying.  But I cannot bare to part with I will keep it to wear while working in the yard/ just around home.    That leads to the other question...have you noticed how hard it is to find just plain cotton t-shirts  or shirts of any kind?  I keep hoping  that will change. 

Well, I hope this has not bored you to tears...I am watching the second episode of Alone In The Wilderness....good night all.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

How was your first day of 2020?

I was going to do a post last night and got to messing with my other blog, trying to pic a favorite shot from each month.  Most months I did have several to choose from, but in November I had taken only about 2 dozen shots the entire month, and some of those were blurry drive-bys.


How did the day go for you?  Did you do the things you love to do.  The morn started off with a bang.  We headed to Paris to McD's, and passing by the strip pit area saw lots of bird activity.

This video is very short...for some reason I could not get a good video.. to show them all off.  Maybe because we were so close to them.  I think there were more White-fronted geese than Snow Geese.  Plus several swans. 
I have not sewn this day, but I was messing with my sewing stuff between midnight and 2:00 a.m....and the day is not over.  I may get in there before the night is over.
Someone was talking about seeing someone else celebrating their 2,000th post.  So I checked to see how many posts I have done.  In this blog, I have posted 2,268 times, and over at Time Stand Still, I have posted 2,369 times.  Even though it was started over two years after this blog was started.  I started this blog the last of May 2007, and did not start Time Stand Still till Aug of 2009.
I make no resolutions...though I do hope to do more.  More sewing, more reading, more blogging...and worry less.  But that is a continual goal, not something new.

I hope you all have a good year ahead and I hope you reach your goals...whatever they may be.